Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 again on sale: QLED technology, Full Array and 75 inches for 975 euros

MediaMarkt has insisted that we all have a giant television in the living room. Once again, he has put Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 on sale, a 75-inch 4K TV with QLED technology and Full Array lighting system. This time it is even slightly cheaper than other times, so no one has an excuse not to have a large-format television in their home (well, perhaps its size is not suitable for all rooms).

The Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 became one of the most desired and sought after televisions of 2021. And in 2022, until its successor arrives, it will remain so. And it is not surprising, since it is one of the best options that we can find today in 75 inches. The Q1 is a Smart TV with Full Array technology with more than 190 dimming zones and QLED panel. Furthermore, it is compatible with both Dolby Vision and HDR10+offering a more than decent brightness in HDR.

Although it doesn’t have full HDMI 2.1 ports, it’s still a great option for new generation consoles if you are not very demanding gamers. It has some functionalities of the HDMI 2.1 connector, such as ALLM (low latency mode) and eARC support. Considering its price, we can’t ask for much more, as even some high-end models from last year were limited in this respect.

Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 75 inches for only 975 euros. Do not think about it too much or you will run out of it!

Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 front offer

As we have already mentioned, we have located the offer in MediaMarkt. We do not know the number of units that will be available, but we can tell you that it usually does not last long on sale. What’s more, today’s offer is even better than the previous ones, since it is normally 999 euros and today you can get the Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 for 975 euros.

Buy the 75″ Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 for 975 euros at MediaMarkt

The Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 is a 75-inch television that not only stands out for its enormous diagonal. It boasts of including some of the technologies seen in top models, such as the QLED panel, support for all HDR formats, or Full Array technology with 192 zones. The latter marks the difference with other economic models with Edge LED technology.

The incorporation of 192 dimming zones allows the black level to be quite good for an LED panel, rivaling other models with QLED technology. What’s more, offers very good color coverage, thanks to nanoparticles (exceeding 75% of the BT.2020 color space), a good management of the local dimming areas and a more than decent HDR impact.

To all this we must add the incorporation of AndroidTV, which will allow us to access the applications most sought after by users. Thanks to the incorporation of the Google system, the Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 also has built-in Chromecast, which allows us to send content to the television from the mobile in the easiest way possible. If you need more details about this model, do not hesitate to take a look at our review of the Xiaomi Mi TV Q1.

In short, this is a Smart TV totally recommended for users looking for best value for money on a large diagonal (75 inches). Logically, it is not a television that can compete in image quality with Samsung’s OLED, Mini LED or even high-end QLED televisions, but it does not pretend to be either. Xiaomi seeks what it has always sought with its mobiles, to offer a quality device at a mid-range price.

Buy the 75″ Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 for 975 euros at MediaMarkt

So you already know, If you were waiting for a good offer to get the Xiaomi Mi TV Q1, this is your moment. We do not believe that MediaMarkt is going to lower the price of this model any further, since its usual price, when it is not on sale, is 1,299 euros. In fact, on the Xiaomi website you have it with a price of 1,599 euros, so the current offer is really spectacular.

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