Xiaomi Mijia 3D Printer, when is your first cheap 3D printer released?

But in this case they bring us something more normal and that we were waiting for, their first low cost 3D printer, affordable to all audiences and that will help us to enter this world if we have not tried it yet.


This is its name, and in addition to its price, we can see very striking features such as its compact shape, as well as an elegant design. All aimed at an amateur public in which will include pre-loaded layouts so you can start using it, as well as the option to load your own, like all of them.

You will not need any knowledge to learn how to use it, just turn it on. In addition, with your purchase the necessary material is included so that you can try it directly, without having to buy it separately.

Among its size characteristics we can observe dimensions of 265 x 265 x 417mm and a weight of only 8.5 kilograms. Something more compact than usual in these teams.

From what we can see in the official photographs, this equipment would have a casing that covers the printing area, something not very common in them and that usually comes directly with an open space, however, we intuit that it can be removed if we prefer to see as the figure is built little by little. Although it doesn’t hurt as a security measure either, there will be times when it can be very useful.

Another of its functions is the possibility of pausing prints to resume them later, since some of these can take time, it is not the same as a paper photocopy.

The printer would have been officially launched this past August 2 under the name of Mijia, the range that Xiaomi supposedly used for these devices. This came out at a cost of 1,699 yuan through the Xiaomi YouPin platform. However, for its commercialization in a habitual and official way, it will rise to 1999 yuan, which would correspond to about 250 euros.

Xiaomi mijia 3d printer

It will be necessary to be attentive to when it will appear in the other markets, including the European one. At the moment Xiaomi has not spoken, although we do not believe that this is going to be something exclusive to the Asian country.

For now we have to wait, unless we want to purchase it through an unofficial provider, which would make the cost of the product more expensive, and although it has a good price for the specifications it offers us, purchasing it through this means can make it less attractive and profitable, so it is not advisable.

In addition, being the first time that we see this type of device from Xiaomi, it is best for them to try it and show us how it really works, its speed, cost of materials and quality of the final product. Once we have all this data and we can see it in operation, we will return to be able to advise it (or not) and so that you have a more real opinion.

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