YouTube Music prepares to welcome podcasts

Podcasts are coming soon to YouTube Music and they will do it accordingly, the person in charge of the area has confirmed; but don’t get too excited, because all this will start only in the United States and we’ll see how it goes and when it spreads to the rest of the world.

Indeed, YouTube is a multidisciplinary platform and there are already many podcasts that are distributed through it, either because they are produced in other media and later transferred there, or the other way around. In addition, we talk about both audio and video podcasts and in both formats at the same time. However, YouTube Music was still unable to offer such content properly, it bears repeating.

And how does it correspond? Well, as it happens in other platforms that are not specific to podcasts, but in which podcasts are top-level content, see Spotify or Amazon Music: with a section of its own within the application and with other types of functions and features intended for both users and creators.

Thus, a striking detail that has already been mentioned is that the YouTube Music mobile app will be able to play podcasts with screen off even for free plan users, something that they also promised for the reproduction of music, but that they still do not fulfill. Of course, if they want to gain a foothold in the podcast sector as such, it is an almost essential requirement.

YouTube could launch a specific section for podcasts

Regarding the creators, it has been anticipated that they will be able to start uploading their audio podcasts -again, podcasts as such, not as videos or videos without images- via RSS by the end of the year, while YouTube Studio will adapt to also serve the needs of these, that is, to create specific audio and video podcasts.

Of course, monetization comes first for Google, and audio-only ads for podcasts are on the way as well. Another change to adapt the platform to the new experience will be the content recommendationswhich will be based on listening habits on YouTube Music, but also on YouTube channels of the video podcast type and the like.

In short, YouTube had already threatened to do so, but now it is going to get serious with podcasts and, obviously, YouTube Music will do the same as the predominant application. Everything should be up and running and well established throughout this year, but, it is worth repeating once again, only in the United States, although the intention is to extend it to all territories in which the service operates. (

Where does this leave Google Podcasts, the internet giant’s current podcast app? At the moment, in none: Googler Podcasts will continue to work as before and no changes are foreseen in the short term due to the aforementioned: podcasts are not going to be integrated internationally into YouTube Music anytime soon and Google Podcasts is a small development in comparison.

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