Zelda Breath of the Wild 2: an Italian voice actor reveals a big spoiler in an interview!

It’s a little bomb that the voice actor Pietro Ubaldi dropped in an interview about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. Indeed, the Italian voice of the hero Daruk in the first opus will be back for the next episode. But this time, he also embodies a mysterious ancestor of the character.

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While the release of Zelda: Breath of Wild 2 was recently postponed until spring 2023, fans of the saga should be patient to learn more about one of the most anticipated games of the moment. For now, Nintendo has been particularly discreet about its next video game bomb. It is hardly if we know that it will be a question ofa direct sequel to the first opus and that part of the plot will happen in the air. But, aside from a meager announcement trailer, here’s all the information we have at the moment.

Also, when one of the voice actors in the game commits a little indiscretion during an interview, it does not take more for social networks to ignite. Pietro Ubaldi, Italian voice of Daruk in the first Breath of the Wild, indeed spoke in front of the microphones of Lega Hyrule, a small media specializing in the cult saga. The voice actor will therefore return to service in the upcoming game, but not only in the guise of Daruk. According to him, he will also play one of his ancestors.

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Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 might have multiple flashbacks

However, Daruk has already died during the first adventure in Link in the abandoned lands of Hyrule. In the first game, he appears in the form of a spirit, just like the other heroes we meet. The fact that he is present in the story of Breath of the Wild 2, which more alongside his ancestor, therefore seems to indicate that the game could do some good in the past during its history.

According to some theories, players could thus cross paths at all Rudania’s first pilot, the divine beast that serves as a dungeon in the Mountains of Death. Therefore, it would seem logical that we also meet the ancestors of Revali, Mipha and Urbosa. Nintendo has already claimed that the next installment will feature “an extended world” compared to the first game. So we just have to wait to see these theories confirmed, or not.

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