16 new backgrounds and wallpaper videos for Apple TV

The arrival of beta versions for different Apple devices adds a series of improvements in stability, security and functionality. But also in this case tvOS 15.1 beta adds up to 16 new wallpapers.

Among these new wallpapers we find spectacular landscapes of various places in the United States and other places in the world as spectacular as Patagonia, South Africa, China or Dubai among others. The quality of these videos and wallpapers is really spectacular and it is worth that this set top box is put to rest just for contemplate these spectacular landscapes.

At the moment in the beta version exclusively

Apple TV Wallpapers

Right now the beta 1 version of watchOS 15.1 is the one that adds these exclusive funds, there is no option to download them directly without installing the beta. These wallpapers are really impressive but we already said that it is not worth installing the beta version just for them, so you better enjoy the views when the final version is released. In any case, everyone is free to install whatever they want on their devices and the beta versions for developers are there.

On the dedicated website of Benjamin Mayo, editor of 9To5Mac you will find each and every one of these wonderful landscapes ordered by number and with visualization active. Simply click on the number and place you want and enjoy the video that appears at the top of the page. The best way to test and watch new videos is to go to Settings> General> Screensavers and set it to download new videos on a daily basis.

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