3 reasons why you should watch WeCrashed on Apple TV+

WeCrashed, the rise and fall of an empire

The proposal of WeCrashed is clear and direct: bringing the audience up to date on the rise and subsequent fall of one of the most revolutionary companies in recent years. We refer to WeWork -as you will see, the title of the series is very well brought-, a company founded by the particular businessman adam neumann (together with his partner, Miguel McKelvey) and with which he tried to revolutionize the concept of co-working throughout the world. So much so that at his best moment he came close to 50,000 million dollars in value. There is nothing.

Directed by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, the series has an unrecognizable Jared Leto (who plays the aforementioned businessman) and with a fantastic Anne Hathaway (responsible for bringing Neumann’s wife to life) and is available at AppleTV+ for just over a month.

If you want to know why you should be watching it right now, here are our reasons.

Why you should watch the WeWork series

These are the 5 reasons why you should give it a try.

It’s based on real events

If you don’t know exactly what happened to WeWork and you are interested in knowing one of those unicorn companies that was made of gold based (in part) on smoke, this is your series. In it they recount the origin of the entire project quite well, it helps us to better understand what Neumann is like (his ego… and that of his wife) and what motivates him and, of course, what happened so that he finally took the notorious bump that suffered.

WeCrashed WeWork

The rhythm is also quite good (with some touches of humor, even) so getting bored is not an option here. Does it add new information to what was already known about this story? Little thing. Is it equally interesting to witness from the inside the rise and fall of the empire of someone as eccentric as Neumann? That always.

The performances are up to par.

You’ll have to look twice to realize that the person in charge of bringing the eccentric Adam Neumann to life is none other than the most extravagant yet. Jared Leto. The actor physically transforms himself to give us a good performance in which he even takes care of his accent in the original version of him – the founder of WeWork is Israeli. Leto know how to give him his own touch and you end up believing it. He accompanies him besides the hand Anne Hathawaywho gets fantastically into the role of Rebekah Neumann, his wife, and who has not looked so good for a long time.

WeCrashed WeWork

The rest of distribution it also works well (from America Ferrera to OT Fagbenle), thus helping as a whole to enjoy a series with a good cast and that will help you get fully into this fascinating story.

It’s a short series

Admit it: you, too, are getting more and more tired of shows that stretch out for long seasons for no reason. If it is the case that you know that with WeCrashed it will not happen to you since it is a miniseries, a single season and with only 8 episodes.

WeCrashed WeWork

Each chapter, yes, lasts approximately an hour, but as a whole it is an easy proposal to digest and with the duration it deserves to feel that you have been told the story correctly.

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