32 GB for less than 60 euros

It was foreseeable that, with the arrival of the new generation of DDR5 RAM, the DDR4 RAM will drop in price; but what we did not expect is to reach the point we are at right now, because if, in addition to the fact that RAM is already cheap, you find a offer like today, you can ride 32GB of memory on your PC for less than €60.

It is true that DDR5 is already among us on both Intel and AMD platforms, but it is also true that DDR4 RAM is still present in many systems and, in fact, platforms that use it continue to be sold. Furthermore, we have often told you that, although DDR5 is obviously much faster than DDR4, in reality this extra performance is not so noticeable in everyday tasks (in gaming it is more noticeable, but not at all). abysmal).

32 GB of DDR4 RAM for less than €60, have you gone crazy?

It may seem that with this price we are going to talk about RAM from a manufacturer of dubious reputation, but nothing could be further from the truth. The memory kit that we are going to talk to you about today is manufactured by Crucialwith chips Micron. Specifically, it is the model Crucial Proa RAM memory designed for desktop PCs (don’t be fooled by the “Pro” in its name) but that does not have frills or RGB lighting, it is a basic RAM but with the expected performance and that, as we have already told you before , is cheaper than ever.

The kit consists of two modules in DIMM format of 16 GB each, adding up to 32 GB in total. They work at 3,200MHzwhich is not a very high speed for DDR4 RAM but is the most compatible in the sense that it causes fewer problems (especially in AMD systems, as you already know that sometimes there are problems using RAM at more than this speed).

In addition, this Crucial Pro kit uses passive aluminum heatsinks of low profile which guarantee a good operating temperature and, at the same time, do not get in the way of installing any type of heatsink on the processor.

Price and availability of the offer

The 32 GB Crucial Pro DDR4 3,200 MHz kit is on sale right now with a 24% discount, so its price is just €58.99. There are also other options, such as a 16 GB kit (2×8 GB) for €42.99, as well as other kits with other speeds and capacities (for example, 64 GB for €132), but we consider that this 32 GB kit GB is the most interesting of all. You can find it right now on Amazon Spain, and it is also sold and shipped by Amazon, not by external sellers.

Of course, you already know that when these offers come out (despite not being flash offers that only last one day) they usually last a short time because the offer is really excellent, so if you were thinking of building a new PC with DDR4 or If you are simply interested in expanding the capacity of yours, we recommend that you do not think too much because when they run out of stock, the offer will end.

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