4 reasons why you shouldn’t have a video doorbell at home (and 4 why you should)

In favor of the video doorbell

These are the 4 most interesting points that practically any video doorbell will bring you:

No more curious neighbors

If you live in a building full of onlookers, a video doorbell is just what you need to scare away “Radiopatio”. Very few will dare to put their ear to your door if there is a camera pointed at them.

Less sharp than a peephole

The peephole of all life is easy to use and very cheap. But of discreet it has very little. The one on the other side of the door knows if you have looked or not because he sees and hears himself. You’re not fooling anyone. If later he decides to open, fine. But if you don’t, the truth is that you look terrible.

With the home automation version, this does not happen. You don’t have to go near the door. You don’t have to reveal that you’re home.

Night vision

Let’s go back to the peephole of all life. If the person who has knocked on the door has not turned on the light outside, he will be absolutely useless. In this case, the peephole will be useful —if you have infrared recordingavailable on most models currently on sale—.

Watch your house wherever you are

Does someone call your house when you are not there? Are they planning to break in? With a video doorbell you can find out. The motion sensors they are activated and begin to record activity when someone approaches our door. Therefore, we will know if someone is planning something, if they have knocked on our door or if we were out at the time they did not go to make a delivery.

Against the video doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

Let’s go now with the bad news. What’s wrong with mounting a video doorbell on my front door?

One vulnerability and you’re sold

It is not usual, but you have to put this into the equation. If someone manages to hack your video peephole, the thieves will have more advantage than you, since they will be able to disable your device and it will be worse than having nothing.

false alerts

Motion sensors are not foolproof. If you have any at home, you will have noticed that they activate from time to time for no apparent reason. Well, exactly the same thing happens with the peephole. In some cases, it will give you a ghost alert.

beware of privacy

You already know the consequences that can have that of putting a camera to record in a common area of ​​a building. Some neighbors could get upset and report you. You must notify him and consult the rules of your community before taking the step and placing a security camera.

They can be stolen or damaged

It’s not common, but having an expensive piece of technology outside our house can be a magnet for thieves and vandals alike. In the United States there have been cases of video intercom theft. And, if someone wants to bug you, breaking it will also be an option. Keep that in mind before installing anything.

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