Philips renews its entire range of headphones, these are its news

Following the usual schedule of presentations, Philips has just announced its new headphone catalog for 2021. It does so at through four models aimed at a different type of audience: true wireless, on ear, bone conduction and wireless. We are talking about the Philips A7306, the Philips A6606, the Philips A4216 and the Philips A3206 , four models that come to renew the characteristics present in the generation of headphones of 2020.

In this case, the company has reinforced its bet with a design that is resistant to sweat and dust in all variants. In addition to having a Bluetooth 5.0 connection, all of them come with a wireless design reinforced by high quality materials , such as kevlar or titanium, together with a system fast charging that promises to offer several hours of autonomy in a few minutes of charging. All this without sacrificing sound quality.

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Philips A7306, true wireless headphones with heart rate monitor

The new generation of true wireless headphones inherits the concept of the 2020 generation, with a 9-millimeter speaker system that helps improve sound quality. With an autonomy of 18 hours with the case, the headphones have a fast charging system capable of offering up to one hour of autonomy with just 15 minutes of charging. The total autonomy without the case is 6 hours , according to the manufacturer’s data.

As if this were not enough , the headphones incorporate a heart rate sensor that is synchronized with most sports applications available today, so that we will not need to resort to smart bracelets or watches. Like the 2020 model, the case incorporates a complete UV cleaning system that allows dirt to be cleaned from the headphones in just over 20 seconds. In this regard, the headphones inherit the system of the 2020 generation.

Being sports-oriented headphones, they have IP67 protection against dust and sweat while being resistant to Water. Compatible with both Google Assistant and Siri, the price of the entire set is 180 euros and will be available in Spain from June .

Philips A6606, bone conduction headphones that leave your ears free

The biggest and most important news from Philips in the headphone catalog comes with the Philips A6606. It is about headphones with bone conduction technology that transmits the sound through membranes to the user’s cheekbones , in such a way that the ears are free to listen to the rest of the sounds of the environment.

Manufactured with a titanium structure, they fit perfectly in a cyclist’s helmet, as the brand has confirmed to the media. As an additional safety measure, Philips has incorporated a high visibility LED light that can be controlled through the application designed by Philips to improve visibility on the road or low light environments. With an autonomy per charge of 9 hours, the headphones have a fast charging system capable of offering up to one hour of autonomy with just 15 minutes of charging, which is done through a USB type C connection.

Like the previous model, they have IP67 protection, two microphones to improve call quality and an intelligent pairing system that improves connection speed compared to the traditional method of pairing through Bluetooth. Its price is 150 euros and will be available to the public from August according to the plans announced by Philips for this year in our country.

Philips A4216, wireless on-ear headphones with up to 25 hours of autonomy

The Dutch company has also renewed its on-ear headphones through the Philips A4216. With speakers of no less than 40 millimeters, they are capable of offering a detailed sound with depth in the lower frequencies .

For greater comfort, the headphones have memory foam inserts and cooling gel that helps reduce the temperature of the ears during training sessions . In addition to having Bluetooth 5.0 to improve range and sound quality, they have a passive noise cancellation system and a fast charging system capable of offering up to 2 hours of autonomy in 15 minutes of charging. Speaking of autonomy, they are capable of throwing up to 25 hours of continuous playback .

As an additional point, they have IP55 protection against dust and sweat and washable pads that help to extend its useful life. Its price is 70 euros and will be available in our country from April 2021 according to the data provided by the company itself.

Philips A3206, the wireless bet for athletes

Philips’ commitment to sound culminates with the Philips A3206, a wired wireless design headphones aimed at athletes. The headphones feature two 13.6-millimeter neodymium speakers, as well as a Kevlar-reinforced design that is sweat-proof, dust- and water-proof thanks to IP57 protection. To improve safety during training sessions, they are accompanied by a reflective cable that reflects direct incident light to avoid accidents in places with low light. They also have a reinforcement pad that helps to improve the grip on the ears in sudden movements and that adapts to most auditory pinna.

With up to 10 hours of playback with a single charge, they have a button to activate the different voice assistants, together with two buttons for volume and a charging cable with USB type C connection, the latest standard on the market. Its price is 50 euros and will be available from May .

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