These are the best tricks for the Google search engine

What is Google for you? Well, beyond its infinity of online services, such as email, its cloud storage or the most famous video platform in the world, Google is the gateway to most of the content that is on the Internet . Actually, Google means finding.

We must go back to year 1998 to witness the birth of this Internet giant. At that time, its main product was simply the search engine. More than two decades have passed in which the company has diversified its product offering. But, in Menlo Park they have also used the time to perfect their main weapon: their search system. There are several tricks that will help you use Google search like a true professional. In this article, we will tell you some of them so you can get the most out of it.

Use Google’s suggestions

This is what Google suggests when you search How to do.

Google learns from users and evaluates which ones are the most common terms . This can help you finish a sentence to find information about something specific. For example, you can use the phrase “How to do” and view the most frequent searches that end that phrase. You can see an example in the image above.

In turn, Google detects the words that are not spelled correctly. By default, the search engine automatically corrects errors and advises that the search includes the correct term. It is not necessary, then, to click on the link above to correct the word. This is only required if you want to search for the misspelled word on purpose.

This is how Google complements searches that include questions.

Finally, Google searches also include questions from other users that are related to your search. If we search for “How to take a screenshot”, the search engine will suggest some additional questions that will undoubtedly completely solve our doubt.

Use Google as a calculator

The Google search engine allows you to perform simple or complex calculations from its text field. Doing so is very easy. You just have to perform a search that includes the calculation, such as “2 + 2”, and not only the result will appear on the screen, but also a calculator that can be used completely.

Do you think you’re going to be lucky?

This simple button can save you time.

Historically, Google has shown a button called “I’m gonna get lucky”. This button is not used by practically anyone. In fact, according to the company itself, it is only used in 1% of searches. What is its function?

The button «I’m going to be lucky» takes you directly to the first result it generates your question. In this way, you save time and do not display advertising. Google is not interested in this, as it represents a considerable loss of revenue. However, the button is such a fundamental part of the look of the browser that they have not yet decided to remove it. It can help you to be more productive and to find information much faster.

Search for specific phrases in Google

When you do a search on Google, the service is responsible for locating pages related to the keywords entered. That may be enough in most cases. But what if what you want to find is a specific phrase? Well, just use the quotes. By enclosing one or more terms in quotation marks, the search engine will show the Internet sites that contain that exact phrase.

Search on a specific page

Google searching only in TuExperto. As it should be ?

The search engine is in charge of consulting a large number of sources so that the results are as varied as possible possible. However, you can ask Google to locate information on a specific site. Suppose you want information about the latest Samsung release and you want to read it on TuExperto. It is very simple, because you only have to use the formula «site: TechUnwrapped.comSamsung Galaxy S21» . All the information related to the Samsung Galaxy S21 that we have published in TuExperto will appear on the screen.

Let Google finish the sentence for you

If you don’t know how to finish a sentence, just add an asterisk at the end. Thus, Google will finish it in the best possible way. This can be especially useful for locating excerpts from a book or song lyrics.

Other fun Google tricks

This was Google in 1998. You can see it like this by searching “Google in 1998”.

So far, we have shown you some tricks that will allow you Be more productive with Google. However, there are some that we simply recommend for you to have a laugh.

  • Go back to Google’s past . If you want to see what Google’s home page looked like in 1998, just type “Google in 1998.” At that time, the search engine’s home page will return to its origins. Only works in English.
  • Make Google blink . When trying to find information about the Blink tag in HTML, Google will apply it to the results. You can ask Google to show you the results by flashing the phrase “Blink HTML” or “Blink tag”.
  • Roll a virtual dice . If you’re going to play your favorite board game with your friends, but you’ve lost the dice, Google will give you a hand. Using the term “Roll a die”, only in the English version, the search engine will show a dice on the screen that will give random results. You can use more than one die at a time and select the number of sides each one should have.
  • Use all Google tools . The search engine incorporates other tools, besides the dice, that may be useful to you. For example, it is capable of flipping a coin (searching for: “Flip a Coin”), showing a metronome (searching for: “Metronome”) or providing you with a color picker with RGB and hexadecimal codes (searching for: “Color picker”).
  • Take a tour of the Doodles museum . Doodles are variations of the Google logo that are used on special days. Since they usually disappear after the specific date passes, the company stores them all on a special page. You can easily view them by clicking here.
  • Play in the office with Google . Can’t install any games on your office computer? No problem. Google has several simple games perfect to waste your time a bit. Some examples are: Pacman, Snake, Solitaire, Tic tac toe …
  • Other news about … Google

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