40 years later, here is the first console game with an online multiplayer mode

Who would have thought that one day it would be possible to play online multiplayer with an NES title? It is however quite possible, thanks to the slightly crazy project of the French developer Sylvain Gadrat. Entitled Super Tilt Bro, this game incorporates a WiFi chip in its cartridge, which allows the console to connect to the Internet.

Credits: Broke Studio

The world of video games owes a lot to the NES, a precursor console in many fields, released for the first time in 1983. But, as revolutionary as it was, the machine was not yet connected to the Internet, and this, for obvious reasons. : We were in 1983. Since then, the video game industry has changed a lot and online multiplayer is ubiquitous. Which gave Sylvain Gadrat a very bizarre idea: what if he developed an NES game with an online multiplayer mode?

A few years later, here we are with Super Tilt Bro, a project whose Kickstarter campaign started this Wednesday, April 26, with a goal of 40,000 euros. At the time of writing, this threshold has already been exceeded, the project having raised just over 57,000 euros. A clear success therefore, which was very predictable given the nostalgic scope of the proposal, which in addition brings up to date a decades-old console.

It’s time to take your NES out of the closet

To achieve this feat, Sylvain Gadrat added a network chip and a WiFi antenna to his game cartridge, which allows him to connect to a server with other players. For the moment only two players can compete in the arenas offered by the title. The developer has even thought of a method to reduce the latency time on a session.

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To do this, he imagined a system that tries to guess the opponent’s next action. If the prediction turns out to be correct, the game proceeds without interruption. If, on the other hand, the system has made a mistake, a light flash appears on the screen so as not to lose the feeling of fluidity. In other words, players will find all the sensations of online multiplayer… but on the NES, therefore.

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