5 things that should not be between your router and the TV or the WiFi will be cut

if the wireless connection does not arrive well, you could have problems watching streaming content, such as Netflix or YouTube. It would constantly cut off, you would notice that the speed is not good and, ultimately, you would have to look for alternatives such as installing a repeater or similar.

What to avoid between the router and the TV

But these problems that we mentioned can be avoided if you take certain measures. It is key that the signal reaches the best possible, so there should be no obstacles that could affect it negatively. You will see that, perhaps, you have something of this that we are going to mention and that is why you have a bad wireless connection.

Bluetooth devices

A clear example that you should keep away between the router and the television are Bluetooth devices. They work in the 2.4 GHz frequency, so that can negatively affect Wi-Fi. They could generate interference and that will make the connection not stable or have speed problems.

For example, we can name devices such as Bluetooth speakers, headphones, controls, keyboards… Even wireless phones, which also work on the 2.4 GHz frequency in many cases, could affect Wi-Fi and should not be close to tv and router.

Bluetooth headset issues

metallic objects

Another point to keep in mind is that metal objects will affect the wireless signal. Avoid putting metal things between the router and the television, since the connection will start to go worse. For example, avoid putting a metal piece of furniture, a metal sheet or any other decoration that you may have at home.

This type of material is very bad for Wi-Fi networks, since they do not allow waves to pass through correctly. A wooden piece of furniture, for example, is much better than a metal one for the purpose of having a good signal.

big walls or walls

Something similar happens when there are large walls or walls between the router and the television. It’s going to affect the signal, as it won’t let it through properly. You are going to have problems and you should keep them away from these areas. The signal will weakenso you will notice cuts and loss of speed when you connect.

Any object will affect Wi-Fi, but if it is about thick materials, like the ones we mentioned, the problem will increase. Try to better locate your devices and thus avoid problems.


Microwave, when it’s on, it is a problem for Wi-F. It also uses the 2.4 GHz frequency, so it can compromise the proper functioning of the wireless network. You might notice cuts and problems when you try to connect the TV to the router if there is a microwave running nearby.

This can happen especially if you have a TV in the kitchen. Maybe you have it right next to a microwave and connect it to the Internet to watch Netflix, YouTube or use it as a music player. When you turn on the microwave, you could be in trouble.

In short, as you see there things you shouldn’t put between the router and the tv so that Wi-Fi works as well as possible. There are objects and devices that can generate interference and block the signal. We recommend that you review very well how you have everything located at home. You can always add a gigabit port to the TV and connect it via cable.

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