A bug in iOS 15 that affects Siri and AirPods Pro

In this case the latest version of iOS 15 doesn’t seem to have too many problems common among users who already have it installed. We are facing a fairly refined version of the operating system and the number of beta versions released prior to its official launch served Apple a lot.

Now a detected bug indicates that iOS 15 does not allow AirPods Pro users to use the Sir function by voice to control noise cancellation or transparency mode. Thus users cannot voice prompt to activate these features on their AirPords Pro.

The tweet in which Dave mark talks about this bug is the following:

For its part, the iPhonehacks media affirms the problem and shares the news like other media. In short, it is a failure that could be perfectly fixed in the iOS 15.1 beta version launched a few hours after the launch of the final version of iOS 15. This that we will not know until the official version reaches all users is not something that prevents the use of the AirPods Pro, far from it, but it is annoying that it fails above all for those who use these headphones and the mentioned functions constantly.

These functions can be activated through the iPhone itself, so it is not that it is too serious a problem, the only thing that the bug does not allow is that we ask the Siri assistant to do the action for us.

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