Gurman ensures that the new AirPods 3 will be presented together with the iPhone 13

There are already too many rumors that we have been receiving for months about the third generation of AirPods that Apple plans to launch this year.

Even the first imitations have already been put on sale, even before the launch of the original headphones. And now Mark Gurman confirms that they will be launched together with the iPhone 13. When the river sounds, water carries. We will see.

The simpler a new Apple device is, the longer it takes to launch. When Craig Federighi He surprised us all by presenting the Apple Silicon project, within a few months there were already several Macs with M1s on the market.

Instead, much less complicated devices such as the famous AirTags, have taken almost a year to launch since the first rumors emerged. And the so-called AirPods 3, go the same way. Even some knockoffs of the third generation of AirPods have already hit the market, before the original device.

Mark Gurman, has posted on his Bloomberg blog that the new AirPods 3 They will be released in conjunction with the new line of iPhones 13, presumably in September. Taking into account that the latest news said that the mass production of these headphones began in August, it is very likely that their presentation will be in the traditional September keynote where Tim Cook shows us the new iPhones of this year.

Yesterday we already published the devices that Apple plans to launch soon because it has registered them in the Eurasian Economic Commission. The list is the new Apple Watch series 7, the iPhone 13, and the new MacBook Pro.

AirPods do not necessarily have to be registered with said agency, as their internal firmware lacks encrypted data. So we can perfectly see them launched in September, without having previously seen the “tip” of the EEC. In a few weeks we will have doubts.

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