A flaw in some SanDisk SSDs is erasing your data

Although mechanical hard drives or HDDs still have value, their presence is dwindling. They have remained for mass data storage, either as a secondary drive or for NAS systems. More and more people are choosing portable SSD drives for their great price and performance.

All stored data, we take for granted, will remain there until we delete it. The only reasons why we could lose them would be if the unit is physically damaged or we suffer a computer attack Now, you are going to have a new concern with your stored data.

Losing your data due to a malfunction, a nightmare

Many times we insist on the need to make backup copies of the most critical data. Having these documents, be they photos, videos or other files, in one place is a bad idea. If it suffered any mishap, we would lose those files, in many cases, unrepeatable.

It has been reported that Vjeran Pavi, Product Manager at The Verge, has suffered a data loss. They report from this medium that they have Lost all data stored on a 3TB SanDisk Extreme Portable. Furthermore, it says that It’s not the first time it’s happened something similar with a SanDisk drive.

They comment that Pavic has already lost 4 TB of videos to beginning of this year stored in a SanDisk Extreme Pro 4TB. It has not only happened to this medium, Lee Hutchinson of Ars Technica, suffered the Same problem with two 2TB Extreme Pro.

sandisk portable ssd

It seems that from The Verge They contacted SanDisk to report the problem. They sent Pavic a new Extreme Pro so that he could save the data, but it has happened again. Imagine that the deletion of data from an SSD for the second time, after notifying

Data lost the first time was already backed up, so nothing was lost. The problem has come in this second timewhen still it had not been able to perform the backup. So this time all the videos have been lost.

Due to this great public embarrassment, Western Digital, the company that owns SanDisk, has released a firmware update in a hurry. But it is late, since the brand has suffered a great blow. And it is that not only the SanDisk Extreme Portable and Extreme Pro are affected, it also affects the WD My Passport.

sandisk external ssd

One more twist to the story

That the data has been “lost” does not mean that it has been deleted. They can be recovered, but it is a really slow and expensive process. A process that is usually carried out when there is critical data, as would be the case.

Sean Hollister from The Verge, who is the one who publishes the information, has given more data. After the first event, Western Digital never offered data recovery service free of charge. It would not have been necessary to have a backup, but less.

The Verge has published this information because WD seems not interested in reporting the problem. Also, after the first warning, they did absolutely nothing. The incident had to be repeated and published for them to correct the problem.

The positive of this, that it is still clear to you the extreme need to make backup copies of the data. Not doing so, as you can see, entails the loss of them. If you think about requesting a recovery if that happens, prepare the portfolio, since this process is usually very expensive.

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