A remake of Eragon? Fans and Christopher Paolini ask Disney

It’s been a good 15 years since Eragon, the film made by 20th Century Fox, based on the first novel of the fantasy saga written by Christopher Paolini, has arrived in theaters and, today, it is the same author (supported by fans) who asked Disney to make a remake.

Eragon’s author asks for a remake of the film from Disney

For those who have seen the starring film in the past Edward Speleers the news, in fact, shouldn’t be too surprising. The film was in fact massacred by critics, but even the fans were not too enthusiastic. This despite the box office results weren’t exactly disastrous, with 250 million dollars grossed at the world box office (but the film cost 100).

The whole thing led 20th Century Fox to set aside the idea of ​​a film saga, whose rights today, after the acquisition of the studio by Mickey Mouse, have ended up in the hands of Disney.

The literary work is still beloved today and, hoping to collect the consent of the fans, it was Paolini himself with a tweet published on his official account, who launched the idea of ​​a remake of Eragon to Disney.

There he is:

Is there still hope of seeing an Eragon movie worthy of the blockbuster novel?

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Eragon: Vol. 1

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