A Samsung mobile with a Lightning port? The crazy world of modding

According to the theory of infinite universes, with similarities and differences between them, it is possible that in one of them the Lightning port, Apple’s alternative to USB-C, be the system of majority use, while the latter is the choice of a single manufacturer, who insists on maintaining it, and who claims that any legal attempt to eliminate it goes against innovation. It should not cost us much to imagine it, thanks to similar references in our reality.

Well, now that you have that parallel universe in your head, hold it for a moment and imagine that, somehow, a connection has been established between both ours and that one. If you’ve seen Fringe, by JJ Abrams, it will be easier for you, and if you haven’t seen it… well, I’ll take the opportunity to recommend it to you, because it’s a great series. The fabric that separates both universes has been torn, and somehow there are transfers of assets between one and the other.

This is, in my opinion, the most logical explanation to the existence of a Samsung Galaxy A51 with a Lightning port. An anomaly that makes it the first Android smartphone in history with the Apple port. And yes, I know that, in reality, that there is a copy of said smartphone with a Lightning port is actually due to a daring modder decided to do this test. But I was talking about logical explanations, and I am unable to find a single logical reason to install a Lightning port on an Android smartphone.

Jokes aside, the truth is that the process of replacing the USB-C port with a Lightning port on the Samsung smartphone it is a most interesting challengeand also the handyman who has faced this modification, plans to upload videos that will show the entire process of modifying the phone, something very interesting for lovers of electronics, and also for those people who, even without knowledge in this matter , they are curious to see such a peculiar procedure.

After completing the modification, its author has tested the operation of the Lightning port on the Samsung Galaxy A51, and both charging and data transfer work perfectly, so hypothetically it would be possible to replicate this modification on other phones. However, the fact that it is technically feasible does not seem a sufficient reason to do so. What’s more, in my opinion, what does make sense is what we told you a few weeks ago, which is just the opposite, replacing the Lightning of an iPhone with a USB-C port.

And in case when watching the video, which was published on April 1, you have considered the possibility that it is actually one more April Fools 2022 joke, and that it is not possible to install a lightning port, this is the comment to regarding that he has published on his YouTube channel:

«A lot of people will probably hate in the comments section. This is a tongue in cheek project, for fun. It’s real, but don’t take it too seriously. I also waited to post this on April 1st. So if you see angry comments, let them know they are the April Fool ;)»

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