Accelerate your speed games on PC with these steering wheels on sale

Since the dawn of PC games, this has been related to different simulators, where above all two types of simulators have stood out. On the one hand those of flight and on the other hand of driving. Where in the case of the latter we have the possibility of using steering wheels to be able to drive our favorite vehicles with the greatest possible fidelity, especially due to the use of technologies such as Force Feedback.

Logitech flyers on sale on Amazon

Logitech G923 Steering Wheel

What can we say about the Logitech steering wheels? Two of their most powerful racing wheels are on sale during Prime Day. Although both have different model names, their general specifications are the same, but not their compatibility and external aesthetics. Since the G29 is a licensed product of PlayStation, it is compatible with consoles with this brand apart from the PC and has the classic buttons of the console.

The G29 can be purchased during Amazon Prime Day 2021 for € 189.99

On the other hand, the Logitech G920 is compatible with Xbox consoles and with the PC, but not with PlayStation. So depending on the console you have at home to complement your PC in terms of games, your choice may be one or the other. Whatever it is, this is an excellent buy.

In the case of the G920, you also have it on sale on Amazon Prime Day for € 199.99.

Since their specifications are the same, we are going to treat them as the same steering wheel, from this point on.

Features of these two Logitech gaming wheels

Logitech G29 G920

The first point to take into account in every racing wheel is the wheel itself, where we will put our hands to control the vehicle. In both cases we find a steering wheel with a turning capacity of up to 900º and covered in hand-stitched leather. Which gives it an excellent grip for our hands regardless of whether we are using the G920 or the G29.

Both have a Two-motor force feedback, which is essential to give another dimension to racing games regardless of the platform you are using. As for the 3-pedal metal pedal board fitted as standard. Which correspond to clutch, accelerator and brake. With the ability to offer resistance to braking by the brake pedal. For added driving realism and an additional level of challenge.

The only difference between the two steering wheels is that the G29 has a light signal that tells us when to change gear when we are in manual driving. A small detail that will make it preferred over the G920, but remember, you cannot use this steering wheel with Xbox and not all games have this option.

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