Fill your PC with color with these Nfortec boxes on sale

Nfortec lynx

Nfortec Lynx boxes

This is a really very simple PC case but it stands out for its sober black color and is accentuated by a diagonal RGB color bar on the front that gives the case a very interesting appearance, something that is increased by the RGB fan included on the back and visible through the tempered glass side.

The case is compatible with motherboards of format ATX and below, heatsinks up to 160mm high, ATX fonts of any size, and graphics cards up to 320mm in length. It supports radiators up to 240 mm in the front, and allows the installation of a total of 6 fans (3 front, 2 upper, 1 rear) of 120 mm.

Nfortec Draco V2

Nfortec Draco V2 boxes

As you will already suppose when you see the photo, this box is designed to provide an excellent level of cooling while maintaining an impressive visual appearance thanks to the four RGB fans included (three on the front, one on the back). It also supports the installation of two other 120/140 mm fans on the top and everything is covered by dust filters. Of course, it has a smoked tempered glass side.

The case supports the installation of E-ATX format motherboards and below, supports CPU coolers up to 160mm in height, ATX sources up to 180mm in length, and graphics cards up to 350mm in length, plus of course radiators liquid cooling up to 360mm.

Nfortec Krater

Nfortec Krater boxes

This is one of those Nfortec boxes with a more traditional look, but it also stands out visually because it again has a tempered glass side and four ARGB fans included as standard, which makes this box a great value for the money. cost.

In it you can install E-ATX and lower format motherboards, CPU heatsinks up to 160mm, fonts up to 205mm and graphics cards up to 320mm long. Supports radiators up to 360 / 280mm on the front and up to 240 / 280mm on the ceiling.

Bonus: Nfortec Sagitta RGB 650, 750 and 850W


In addition to the Nfortec boxes we’ve seen so far, it also has three of its Sagitta PSU models. The source is essentially the same in the three models but its power obviously varies, with the 650, 750 and 850 watt models being on offer.

They are 100% modular sources with 80 Plus Gold efficiency certification and stand out for their 140 mm fan with built-in RGB lighting that can be controlled with a physical button located on the back of the device. With active PFC and all the protections, these power supplies are prepared for the latest Intel and AMD processors and for the latest generations of graphics cards without problems, and taking into account their power, efficiency certification and price, they are one of the most attractive models on the market right now.

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