Adobe or Final Cut for iPad: Which is cheaper

Now that we have the official Final Cut Pro application for the iPad, a dilemma that is already classic in the Apple ecosystem reopens: the Adobe suite or the Apple programs? What are available to edit video on iPad? And which application is the one that costs the least of all? In this post we will see in detail the different prices and options from Adobe, as well as the prices of Final Cut Pro for the iPad.

War of the Titans in terms of creativity and editing

Final Cut Pro is the highly anticipated Mac program that has finally reached the iPad. Although, yes, if you already had the desktop version, you have to go through the box again. And it is that this time it is not a single payment, as it does on Macs, but we have to go through the hoop of subscriptions. If we want the monthly plan, we will have to pay 4.99 euros per month. On the other hand, if we want to pay for a year at once, it will be 49 euros. Although it is a subscription, initially, relatively cheap, it is still a recurring payment that we will have to maintain if we want to use the program.

Final Cut Pro for iPad
Final Cut Pro for iPad

However, Adobe is the queen of subscriptions. Everything goes through the Creative Cloud suite. In this case, we have the advantage of having many more applications in the same monthly payment. But this is significantly more expensive than what we may be paying for Final Cut. Although, yes, the approach is already different. All Adobe Creative Cloud applications are priced at 62.99 euros per month. But in exchange we have the complete suite, with programs that we can use both on the Mac, as well as on the iPad and iPhone. In the case of the iPad, we have all this software available:

  • Adobe Fresco: for painting and drawing
  • Adobe Premiere Rush for Video: Enables video editing
  • Adobe XD: Focused on graphic design
  • Adobe Express: for the creation of corporate images
  • Photoshop Express: for photo editing
  • Adobe Capture: for the sectorization of images using artificial intelligence
  • Adobe Aero: for augmented reality

If we want to edit video using Premiere Rush, and we only want to use this app (without having to buy the whole package from Adobe), we will have to pay a monthly subscription of 12.09 euros per month. With this plan we will have access to 100GB of storage and access to all the tools and functions of the Adobe ecosystem. On the other hand, with the free plan, we can do unlimited exports, but we will be very short in terms of tools and we will only have 2GB of cloud storage.

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Rush for Video
Adobe Premiere Rush for Video

As you can see, they are two very different approaches if we want to use one program or another to edit video on the iPad. And although these apps have two very different infrastructures behind them, the prices are equally different. Of course, here we must also take into account iCloud storage if we want to save Final Cut Pro projects in the cloud. This subscription is not included within the 4.99 euros per month of the program, so it would have to be contracted separately. An equitable plan would be 200GB of the Apple cloud for 2.99 euros per month. Thus, we would have the program and storage for 7.98 euros per month.

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