Apple’s website changes and adds a section called “Store”

A few hours ago, the Cupertino company closed the website in a timely manner to add some changes to it. The main and most attractive is undoubtedly the one we have in the options menu at the top on Apple’s website, this new section is called the store and offers the user quick access to all the company’s devices and products.

Previously the first option in this menu was the Mac, now it is the Store, Although it is true that the rest of the categories are also next to it, they have only been moved to make room for this new section that contains all or almost all the products together.

In the Store section you will find everything grouped

It is not a change that directly affects the way we see the products on the web and it is that if we want we can enter each of the sections, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, etc. and within them in each one of yours: straps, accessories, etc. What they have wanted to do in Apple is to add a direct access to users who are already clear about what they want to buy and in this section it goes a little more direct, it’s like a faster store so to speak.

At the end of what it is about is to sell products and in this case it is precisely what they want to highlight. In this case when you choose a product it also shows some available options but the section on the most extended specifications is skipped and directly show the product for you to buy. A minor change on the web that can be useful for those who are already clear about the product to buy and in a moment you have it in the cart, paid and ready to be shipped. You can access the new Apple web section from here.

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