After smartphones, it is the turn of laptops to have their sensor punched

For years now, smartphone manufacturers have almost all adopted the notch, punch or drop of water format to drastically reduce the hold of the selfie sensor on the screen. Chinese manufacturer Chuwi has decided to apply this trend to its latest laptop: the Chuwi MiniBook X.

Credit: Chuwi

It has been several years now that smartphone manufacturers have adopted the notch, the punch or the water drop format for the front sensor of their device. This approach allows them in particular to gain in body / screen ratio and to cut back on the space occupied by the lens on the panel. Until then, this industry trend has been limited to smartphones and tablets.

Apple is the first manufacturer to have integrated a notch on its new 2021 MacBook Pro launched in November. Inherited directly from the iPhone, it does not contain TrueDepth sensors for FaceID facial recognition, but only the 1080p webcam. Thanks to this notch, the apple mark has refined the top border by 60%.

Probably inspired by the Cupertino company and by the various smartphone manufacturers, the Chinese company Chuwi has decided to equip its new ultra-compact laptop PC with a punched webcam, located at the top left of the screen. In fact, this makes it the first laptop PC to offer such a configuration.

chuwi minibooksx
Credit: Chuwi

Chuwi MiniBook X, the 1st laptop PC with a punch

Like Apple, Chuwi has chosen to proceed in this way to save precious centimeters on the dimensions of the panel, already relatively small with its 10.8 ″. The presence of this notch is not the only quality of this Minibook X, which does not forget to display correct technical characteristics for an ultra compact laptop. See for yourself :

  • 10.8 ″ 2500 x 1600 pixel display in 16:10 aspect ratio
  • Intel Celeron N5100 processor
  • 12 GB LPDDR4 RAM
  • 512 GB internal SSD memory
  • USB Type-C port with Power Delivery 2.0 charge at 45W
  • 5 MP Punch Front Camera
  • Full-size bordeless keyboard
  • Windows 11 integrated

Like Lenovo’s latest Yoga range, it will be possible to use the MiniBook X as a tablet thanks to the presence of two hinges. Coming back to the punch sensor, the only criticism that could be made to Chuwi is that the manufacturer did not see fit to manage its presence on the software side. In other words, the display of the applications could be hampered by the punch. On the MacBook Pro 2021, apps can hide the notch or use the entire screen, just to avoid display hiccups.

The Chuwi MiniBook X will be offered on the manufacturer’s website and orders will open on January 11, 2021. It is displayed at $ 599 excluding tax, i.e. 530 € after conversion. For now, the manufacturer does not intend to offer an Azerty version.

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