AI and Observability for the digitization of the company

Currently, evolving technologically and embracing digital transformation has become a mandatory subject for companies. Investment in IT and in solutions such as intelligent observability, automation, cybersecurity or Artificial Intelligence is imperative for those organizations that want to position themselves at the forefront of their sectors. These tools not only allow business models, infrastructures and operations to evolve, but also offer companies a professional advantage to differentiate themselves from the competition.

At Dynatrace we lead the way in unified observability and security, offering our clients a platform powered by Artificial Intelligence to optimize and monitor all relevant company information in real time.

In the digital society in which we find ourselves, companies face unprecedented challenges. The ability to adapt to changes and technological developments becomes a differential value to improve efficiency and productivity, to offer customers a reliable and modern infrastructure that allows them to improve the user experience and thus know how to adapt to the needs From the market. This vision is where digital transformation, intelligent observability, automation, AI and cybersecurity come into play.

Thanks to intelligent observability we are able to understand and analyze the information and data generated by the environments in which companies work. This information is very useful to be able to analyze the performance and efficiency of the company; the user experience offered to the end customer; the state of infrastructures and operations; allowing teams to make decisions with information in real time. Our platform monitors and analyzes applications and systems, thus being able to identify and prevent incidents before they occur and before they affect end users.

The Dynatrace platform not only offers a complete view of environments and infrastructures, but also offers advanced security capabilities. Early detection of vulnerabilities and potential threats in real time offers the ability to generate rapid responses to these incidents to protect infrastructure, data and the end customer. Thus, a comprehensive solution that connects intelligent observability and security reliably ensures security and efficiency in increasingly complex and constantly changing technological environments.

Automation and AI as technology drivers

Intelligent automation is one of the fundamental pillars in the evolution of business models and in decision-making in business operations. Through the use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, companies can optimize their processes and increase efficiency; enabling teams to dedicate time to more important and innovative tasks.

The AIOps approach uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and improve IT operations. It collects data from all layers of the infrastructure and continuously analyzes it with AI techniques to identify problems and fix them. With Dynatrace, thanks to our AI engine, Davis, you can quickly assess thousands of dependencies, identify problems and find the root cause. Unlike traditional methods, it does not require model training time. Additionally, it is capable of understanding dynamic cloud environments and providing AI-based responses using advanced observability data. Open APIs allow for the integration of external sources for broader AI processing.

The role of the IT manager is essential

It is essential that the IT managers of companies, such as CIOs and CISOs, have a leading and leadership role in the implementation of technology and digital transformation within the company. These leaders must understand, and make the rest of the management leadership understand, the importance of digital transformation and cybersecurity in the digital environment in which we live, thus promoting its adoption in the company.

CIOs and CISOs must act as evangelists, educating employees on the benefits of these technologies and fostering a culture of innovation and security throughout the company. This means establishing a clear implementation strategy, collaborating closely with other business leaders, and ensuring ongoing training and development of staff to get the most out of these technologies.

Signed: Marta Calvet, marketing manager Iberia Dynatrace

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