Alcanda Matchmaking: the Spanish SME that applies the sentimental head-hunting method

Veronica Alcanda is a Spanish entrepreneur who, for years, dedicated herself to the world of HR and head-hunting (headhunting) in large multinationals. A sentimental breakup and a personal and professional change of course made her decide ten years ago to launch an undertaking and put her extensive expertise at the service of people who, like her, They were looking for love, but they did not find the right key.

A decade later, Alcanda has not only managed to be a pioneer in this sector in Spain with Alcanda Matchmakingbut also patent his own method of sentimental head-hunting.

Why is it so hard to find a partner these days?

According to the entrepreneur, despite living in an increasingly fast and hyperconnected world, much of society feels lonely. A multitude of applications, speed dating, new ways of understanding love… the options are endless, and yet it doesn’t seem like enough to find the right person.

As Shakespeare said “love comforts like the glow of the sun after the rain” and there are many people who tirelessly search for a half that becomes that ray of light in their life; however, many times the process is done incorrectly, either due to ignorance of what is needed from a better half or because you are not really prepared to find it.

In 2013, Verónica Alcanda launched the company that promotes matchmaking in Spain, an SME that has reached its maturity and leadership in our country thanks, among other factors, to the creation and implementation of its pioneering scientific and patented method. With it, successful men and women on a business and professional level achieve, with total privacy and exclusivity, your life goals in the sentimental field as in the search for full happiness.

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To celebrate this very special anniversary, Verónica has launched to present her first book “Why can’t I find a partner? Reflections of a Sentimental Head-Hunter”, an interesting analysis on the evolution that love relationships have undergone, the different ways to find a partner today, and the most common reasons that prevent us from finding one.

Personal success is based on different values.

One of the most essential values, on which this business is based, is job development and success in the professional field. An ideal that usually absorbs much of the time and energy of men and women with a clear business ambition who, once this goal is reached, assimilate that professional success without sentimental success creates an important void.

In the US, the great world economy, this divergence was faced many years ago by applying personalized professional methods and tools to the sentimental sphere, to establish acceptable processes and protocols for a corporate profile that required, even though the objectives were now emotional and not financial, a behavior similar to what has been his greatest commitment to date: his professional success.

This is how Matchmaking was born, the latest trend among the most select circles of the US business and financial eliteas the best resource for finding the ideal match between men and women with a very high corporate profile, where you get to pay between $100,000 and $250,000; and, in some cases, up to $1,000,000. Fashion has first spread through Anglo-Saxon countries, reaching its success in Europe when it arrived in the UK (with rates of around £15,000 and £100,000), until it landed –ten years ago now– in Spain at the hands of Verónica Alcanda, senior executive specialized in HR with vast experience in multinational companies on 4 continents: “I decided that it was time for a change and that, in the same way that I have helped various businessmen and women to find the managers they needed for the growth of their companies, I could also help them in a sentimental sphere”.

Since its landing in Spain, Alcanda Matchmaking has not stopped growing. From the outset, it is important to define a severe and radical difference with traditional marriage agencies, modern contact Apps or dating websites, since Matchmaking is an exclusive service to find the partner of our lives in a professional, private and highly personalized way: “In Alcanda Matchmaking, to carry out this work, we do not need personality tests or mathematical algorithms to cross data; we go further, we apply our innate intuition and the now extensive experience in providing Matchmaking services, together with our own methodology, ad-hoc to each process, with guarantees”Veronica continues.

Veronica Alcanda

Such is the difference that Verónica developed her own scientific method for her exclusive and unique company, called the Sentimental Head-hunting Method, through which the company’s experts use operational processes based on the quality commitments of the UNE 9200 standard, as well as the processes for the evaluation and selection of people based on the ISO 9001 and 10667 standards, the first international standard that regulates quality in the Provision of Evaluation Services in the field of Human Resources. It is emotion, it is feelings, it uses intuition and experience, but always under scientific parameters and concepts, endorsed and certified.

Verónica Alcanda has not only been the pioneer in the implementation of this innovative method in Spain, she has also been the revolutionary of a sector that does not stop growing: “Unlike other Matchmaking companies that have been established in Spain (many of them formed by my team), at Alcanda Matchmaking, with our patented Sentimental Head-hunting method, we carry out an active search of Executive Selection companies ( “Executive Search”), hence its name, applied to the affective and personal level instead of the professional environment”, details. A forerunner of MATCHMAKING in Spain, Alcanda Matchmaking not only serves as a benchmark for the companies that have emerged later, but there are many companies that have shown interest in the method”. For this reason, Verónica, in 2018, decided to set up another company that would help other people establish themselves and be able to use their patented Sentimental Head-hunting method. With him he has already formed Matchmakers in Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Colombia and Mexico.

The matchmaking profile

Alcanda Matchmaking clients are men and women dynamic, successful and intelligent, who enjoy a high standard of living as a result of their professional achievements. “However, these achievements often come at a high price, affecting their personal lives, which in the end leads them to not having someone special by their side to share them with.” comments the CEO of Alcanda Matchmaking (where 45% are women and 55% men, 80% of clients are between 38 and 55 years old and 75% are divorced, 20% have never been married and only 5% are widowed).

“They are people who they value your privacy and your time and, therefore, they do not want to lose it by exposing themselves to other partner search systems such as the popular online media: privacy, confidentiality and efficiency are of vital importance, and these are the main reasons for hiring our services.”

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