Although 6 years late, these browsers are already in the Microsoft Store

Windows 10 was officially released in the summer of 2015, since then Microsoft has invested much of its efforts and time in the growth of the system. In turn, we have recently been able to see the birth of Windows 11. Therefore, current software tries to adapt to these systems, as happens with Internet browsers, for example.

With this, what we want to tell you is that there are many software developers who adapt their projects to the interface of the Microsoft system. The Redmond firm bet a lot on various elements of its project, and how could it be otherwise, here is the official store of the system. In this case we have the Microsoft Store, a very important store for the company but which so far has not had the expected success. Now with the launch of Windows 11 and some important new features introduced here, it is intended that it acquires a new role.

For example, now we can download conventional applications or Win32 that until now we download from the official websites. To this must be added other improvements related to both the functionality and the appearance of the store. With all this, it is intended to attract the attention of users and that they turn the Store into one of their usual sources for downloading software. There are several developers who have joined this initiative and little by little take their projects here. This is the case of a sector that is so widely used at the moment as it is that of web browsers.

Download these browsers from the Microsoft Store

We tell you all this because recently, to the existing ones, the Opera GX browser has been added. For those of you who do not know, we will tell you that this is a program especially focused on the most demanding when playing online. Make available a series of very useful parameters and configurations for these tasks. Therefore, those who are interested in downloading this special version of the project directly to Windows 10 or Windows 11 will already be able to do so. Of course, Opera Gx is currently only available in the most modern version of the system.

opera gx store

But this is not the only case of this type that we can use to move around the internet right now from the Store. We recently also told you about the arrival of one of the most popular in this sense, Mozilla Firefox. With everything and with it other very interesting alternatives such as conventional version of the aforementioned Opera. Although the GX version for gamers arrived only a few hours ago, its original model has been in the Microsoft Store for a while for download.

It goes without saying that the company good our disposition here one of its most valued and worked products lately. In particular we refer to your project Edge that has not stopped growing in recent months. At the same time we can find other somewhat less known alternatives such as Chromosome X Browser. This is a simple browser that uses the Google Chrome engine for these tasks.

With everything and with it this does not have any signs of stopping here, since after the last changes it is expected that the Microsoft Store will grow in terms of use in an ostensible way.

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