AltServer is updated to be compatible with macOS 12.3


Most developers wait for the final version of a new version of macOS to release the corresponding update. This is because they want take advantage of new features that will be included. However, not all updates include new features, although this is the case with macOS 12.3, as it will enable the expected Universal Control.

Apple released the first beta of macOS 12.3 last week, a new update that will still take a few weeks to reach its final version. However, the boys AltServer, they just released a new update to their app to keep this app running smoothly when macOS 12.3 is available.

AltServer is a very important part of AltStore, as it runs in the background on the Mac in order to use our Apple ID to download and install applications that are not available in the Apple store for iOS.

Typically, it is used for install jailbreak apps like unc0ver, Taurine… however it can also be used for normal applications.

This app uses the Free Apple Developer License, a license that is only valid for 7 days. Once that period of time has elapsed, it is necessary to install another one.

AltServer automatically takes care of going renewing this certificate, so the user does not have to do anything on his part. If it were not so, the use of this software would have already fallen into oblivion.

To be able to install applications from outside the App Store on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, it is necessary, yes or yes, to use AltServer, either from a Mac or from a computer managed by Windows.

In case you’re wondering. Yes, also allows you to install pirated applicationsa policy that we at Soy de Mac do not support.

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