An Apple executive leaves the company

The apple company consists of several business areas and lines, each of which is managed by one (or several) people. From subscriptions and services, to Apple Pay, through software development. And very few days before WWDC 2023, it was learned that the director of a very important area, has left the company.

The manager belonged to the Apple Pay area

Eric Hoffman has been with Apple for just over eight years. And he has been, during this time and until a few days ago, the director of Apple Pay Business Development. This line of business is a subdivision of Apple Pay, whose director is Jennifer Bailey and she is still in charge today. The section that Hoffman has chaired up to now is the one in charge of establishing collaborations with different banking entities throughout the territory. (leankitchenco) And also, the same manager had been part of the Tap to Pay functionality.

apple tap to pay

This was launched at the beginning of 2022, and is used to send and receive payments by Apple Pay, turning the iPhone into a “dataphone”. One of the phones is the one that will send the money, while the other will receive it. If we bring one phone next to the other, that is when the transaction will be carried out. As if it were PayPal, but from Apple and using a physical format, which in this case is the iPhone itself.

However, Eric Hoffman He is not the first executive to leave the company. In recent times, a list of people who ran different areas has been created and who, for various reasons, have gotten off the boat. Thus, the managers who have already left the company are the following:

  • Dough Beck: Senior Sales Executive
  • Evans Hankey: design manager
  • Peter Stern: Vice President of Services
  • Michael Abbott: iCloud Boss
  • Anna Matthiansson: Online store vice president
  • Mary Derby: Head of information systems
  • Ian Goodfellow: Machine Learning Manager
  • Peter Distance: Head of Apple TV+ and sporting events

Apple executive list

Despite Hoffman’s departure, Apple has a very substantial list of names in which many of its core business lines are already covered. Currently, the board of directors and executives is as follows:

  • Tim Cook: CEO
  • Catherine Adams: Senior Vice President and General Counsel
  • Eddy Cue: Senior Vice President of Services
  • Craig Federighi: Senior Vice President of Software Engineering
  • John Giannandrea: SVP of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Strategy
  • Greg Joswiak: Senior Vice President of Marketing (Global)
  • Sabih Khan: Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Luca Master: Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Deirdre O’Brien: Senior Vice President of Stores
  • Johnny Srouji: Senior Vice President of Hardware Technologies
  • John Ternus: Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering
  • Jeff Williams: Operations office manager
  • Mike Fengger: Vice President of Sales (Global)
  • Lisa Jackson: Vice President of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives
  • Isabel Ge Make: Vice President and Managing Director of Greater China
  • Tor Myhren: Vice President of Marketing Communications
  • Adrian Perica: Vice President of Corporate Development
  • Kristin Huguet Quayle: Vice President of Communications (Global)
  • Phil Schiller: Apple Fellow
  • Carol Surface: Human resources director

apple managers

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