Apple AirPods 3, what do we know about its price and launch?

AirPods 3, yes or yes before the end of this year

At the beginning of the year, people started talking about the third generation of AirPods and their design was even leaked. Sources close to the supply chain pointed to manufacturing delays that would leave them by the end of the year, but before the april event there were some voices that gave hope regarding this and even dared to provide them for this event. It did not happen.

Weeks before WWDC 2021 Held in June, Apple added new features to Apple Music and thus opened the possibility that the AirPods 3 could be announced at the same time. Everything fit together and being able to enjoy these new features with the new headphones could have been a very appealing advertising campaign for Californians. Nor did it happen.

Apple event

And it came September, month in which it was known for sure that there would be an event to present the new iPhone. And although many of us were skeptical of seeing Apple headphones at an event like that, all analysts brought them back to the fore. Tim Cook and company came out on September 14 and they introduced us to iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad. No, it didn’t happen here either.

We get closer to October already a more than predictable event for Mac and, once again, it is said that the AirPods 3 will arrive at this event. We can no longer say that it will not happen, since it is perfectly feasible. However, something makes us think that it is a remote possibility, since it is very unlikely to see AirPods without really remarkable advances (a priori) at an event in which Mac is presented. Why not a press release? This is the most relevant possibility at the moment and could occur anytime from October to the end of the year. Let’s not forget that the AirPods Max arrived in-extremis last year in the month of December.

Features and, price increase?

Where if it seems that there is no error, in the absence of confirmation and other possible unfiltered functions are announced, these headphones will have a new designvery similar to the AirPods Pro. Of course, no need to use gummies as in these others and they will not have functionalities such as noise cancellation.

airpods 3

It is expected that they will incorporate improvements in sound with a new chip and that also increase your case battery. However, nothing has been said about the price. The fact that the AirPods 2 continue to be sold and stock problems are not detected makes us think that perhaps Apple will keep them in the catalog, which would leave two variants: that the ‘2’ fall in price and the ‘3’ are place in 179 euros or that the ‘2’ remain and these start from the 229 euros. A very dangerous possibility given the scarce difference of 50 euros that would leave between these and the ‘Pro’.

Therefore everything is open and we are still waiting for new data. As we said, yes or yes they are expected for these next few weeks. Although seen what we have seen, we can expect anything. Patience, patience and patience.

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