Apple calls for fewer components to be made for Macs

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Well, we may have hit the nail on the head when we said that Apple is likely to want to raise the prices of its Mac repairs because that’s how they’ll make money. The thing is that the sales of certain devices have not been as good as before for a long time. The same thing happens with Macs and the demand for these products has dropped. In general, all are less demanded. With the new reports, it seems that it is an objective reality, since Apple has asked its suppliers not to manufacture so many components because the demand for Macs is not high.

According to new reports that come from the specialized media Nikkei Asia, Apple has asked suppliers make fewer components for almost all of your devices. We have that the demand for AirPods, MacBook and Apple Watch in the first quarter of this year has a very low demand. However, Apple does not enter the rag and does not lower the prices of its products, but decides to manufacture less. Something I understand but do not share.

You can lower prices and thus sales will surely increase, but of course, with the price drop, other features that make Apple what it is today also drop. But given the global panorama of price escalation, technology is not essential for users and especially when we have gone through a pandemic where almost everyone who has needed it has bought/obtained decent equipment to be able to communicate. Demand had to go down, but so did prices.

According to the Asian outlet, an anonymous manager at an Apple supplier said: “Apple has alerted us to lower orders for almost all product lines since the quarter ending in December, partly because demand is not as strong.” Another executive from a supplier to Apple and Samsung described the current situation as “very chaotic”citing ongoing disruptions and complications.

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