Apple employees have met in Korea with various car component manufacturers

Apple car

After a time with constant rumors about the project of the Apple carThings settled down and it seemed that the idea of ​​the car designed in California and manufactured who knows where, had been parked. Well, it will not be, and today a news item has reappeared that talks about it.

It appears that several Apple employees have been in korea holding meetings with different manufacturers in that country of automotive components. One of them, manufacturer of batteries for electric cars. So in Cupertino they continue to err that err with the idea of ​​making an Apple Car.

As reported by the Korea Times, Apple has started discussions with several component manufacturers to electric vehicles, and several of its employees have visited the facilities of these auto parts producers in South Korea.

The article explains that these manufacturers are LG, SK Innovation, Hanwha and Magna International, and that these meetings have been a first contact about a possible collaboration in the manufacture of an electric vehicle for Apple.

SK Innovation is a large Korean manufacturer of batteries for electric vehicles, belonging to the SK Group. Magna International, is an important vehicle assembler, with plants spread all over the planet, and that is dedicated to manufacturing cars for different automobile companies, from Porshe, BMW, or General Motors, to name a few.

We will know little more about these meetings, since Apple wants to carry its Apple Car project with maximum secrecy. Hyundai already checked a few months ago how Apple spends them. They had some first contacts about the project, the car company explained them to the four winds, and Apple got angry and broke off relations.

So the following companies that are working on said project, much will be saved from publishing anything about it.

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