Apple, number 1 in the study on close relationship with the user during the pandemic

One more year. Apple returns to get number 1. It is not about sales of mobile terminals or wareables, that too. If I do not know that it is a study carried out by the MBLM company, it is already available through the call «Brand Intimacy COVID Study 2021«, Studies the emotional connections between customers and brands during the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Again, it seems that Apple is the company chosen by users for its close treatment.

For second consecutive Year, Apple has ranked first as the brand closest to the consumer during the COVID-19 pandemic (which is still going on, let’s not forget), surpassing Amazon, Disney, Target, YouTube, Toyota, Walmart, Costco, Harley-Davidson and Google. .

Apple ccontinues to dominate and deepen its customer relationships during COVID. The brand has grown in strength through a number of key measures, demonstrating its mastery and ability to build strong emotional connections with customers.

According to the study, Apple it is the only major brand that plays a significant role in all age ranges. Teens top three brands that offer online entertainment services. However, those 35-44 and 45-64 have more diverse lists. It must be that maturity makes you value other things. The economic capacity of users is also measured and again Apple is in the range that goes from income from $ 35,000 per year to more than 150,000 on which the study is based.

For what Apple, it is the one selected by young people and adults. With medium and high income, but we need to know the distinction between the sexes and there Apple, again, likes equality. It is the only one shared between men and women when choosing the top five brands on which the study is based.

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