Apple Releases Third Beta of watchOS 8.3 for Developers

As Apple has been accustomed to us lately, a week after the launch of the watchOS beta, the American company launches a new version. This time we find what is the the third beta of watchOS 8.3, yes, released to developers for testing purposes. So if you want to try this new operating system you will have to have signed up for Apple’s developer program. You can always wait for the public version.

A week after the launch of the second beta of watchOS 8.3, Apple released to developers what is the third edition of this test version. At the moment it is only available to those who have signed up for the developer program of the company. Keep in mind that it is a trial version and that like all of them, it may contain errors. So you should be very clear if you want to download the beta. If you do, make backup copies that in the case of the Apple Watch, are automatic, because surely you do not want the device to be unusable. That leads me to tell you not to install it on main devices.

At the moment it has not been found nothing new in this new version which is the third. No changes are added beyond the previous bug fixes and improvements, at least that we know of. We will be waiting for any news, but at the moment it seems not. Otherwise, we will put it in an entry so that we all know it.

watchOS 8.3 can be downloaded through the dedicated Apple Watch app on the iPhone by going to General> Software Update. To upgrade to new software, An Apple Watch must have 50 percent battery life, must be placed on the charger, and must be within range of the iPhone. One more thing. Do not remove it from the charger or restart for the account it brings you.

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