Apple, Samsung, Nvidia, Intel and Amazon among ARM’s investors when it goes public

next septemberIf everything goes according to plan, ARM will go public. And it is more than likely that it will debut on the parquets with a good number of the main technology companies among its investors. According to The Verge, Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Nvidia and Intel, among others, have already hinted at their plans to buy shares in the company when it goes public.

ARM plays a very prominent role within the technology industry. It specializes in the licensing of chip designs to third parties, which allows the main giants in the sector to be able to manufacture semiconductors in their factories, and even to customize them. Some of its main clients, in fact, are also the companies that have decided to invest in it.

In many of these cases, the sale of shares will be carried out in a planned and orderly manner, so that they serve ARM to stabilize the price of its titles. Thus, it will sell each company a package of shares made up of a small percentage of its total titles.

In this way, the company will be able to secure the necessary financial boost to be able to make its diversification plans a reality, which, as its CEO Rene Haas mentioned a few months ago, involves, among other things, offering chip design licenses for computer-related products in Cloud.

ARM is gearing up for what may be the biggest tech sector IPO this year, and possibly the biggest since Alibaba’s in 2014. With it, the company may raise roughly $10 billion. , and right now, he is negotiating the sale of shares with several companies that want to invest. These talks have been going on for some time, as the company communicated that it had plans to go public with its main clients several months ago. He did it precisely to be able to plan what percentages of his shares would go to each one, in case they decided to participate in the process.

According to Bloomberg, ARM is seeking to achieve a valuation of between 60,000 and 70,000 million of dollars in its debut on the stock markets, based on the popularity that chips related to Artificial Intelligence tasks are achieving in recent months. The specific details of the process will begin to emerge next week, and everything indicates that the entire process of the company’s IPO will begin in the first week of September.

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