Apple will launch the first MacBook with an OLED screen in 2024

It’s no secret that Apple has been considering making the leap to an OLED panel on its MacBook series for some time, although the Apple company has not yet confirmed when it will take the step. Some information that we saw a couple of years ago pointed to 2023, and as is evident in the end have not been fulfilled.

The well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has come up with a new prediction, in which he ensures that the first MacBook with an OLED screen will arrive in 2024although he has not dared to specify if he will do so in the first or second half of said year.

Jumping to these types of screens is important not only because they offer better image quality, but also because they can help reduce consumption and because they allow for thinner and lighter designs. In the end, a MacBook with an OLED screen it would offer a better contrast, it would be lighter and thinner and it would also have a greater autonomy.

It’s also unclear if Apple will go for an OLED MacBook Pro first or go with the MacBook Air series, but according to another well-known industry source, Ross Young, it seems the latter has a better chance. If this is confirmed, in 2024 we could see the first 13-inch MacBook with an OLED screen.

In any case, it looks like all of Apple’s MacBook laptops will sooner or later make the leap to an OLED panel. This type of panel also offers perfect viewing angles in 178 degrees, and create deep blacks by turning off the pixels in the areas where that color is displayed. However, they have a drawback, and that is that their cost is higher, which means that they could end up causing a rise in the price of MacBooks.

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