Are you a web programmer? Always have these free chops on hand

Thanks to the platforms and services that we can use at the moment, more and more users are opting for the software programming. Many of them choose this path to create their own projects in the form of applications, or to develop pages or other types of web content.

Contrary to what happened just a few years ago, today we have a multitude of information sources that can help us in this type of task. The Internet already takes care of all this by offering courses, manuals, videos, and all kinds of user communities that will help us. In turn we have at hand development platforms that try to simplify and help us in this type of task.

But of course, keep in mind that the software developer community at this time it is much higher than what we found, for example, just a few years ago. Therefore, the help we can receive from both people and platforms is much greater. In these same lines we want to focus specifically on a sector that has been in full growth for a long time, we talk about web developments and projects. And it is that everything related to the internet does not stop growing, to which we must add the new technologies that are being added.

Precisely for all this, whether you are starting or have some experience in these matters, then we are going to show you a series of very interesting aids. Specifically, we are referring to a series of cheat sheets that you should always have on hand for web development. Also known as reference tableswe must keep these elements in sight when we carry out our web projects.

Chops that you must have in view for your web projects

In most cases, users who start some kind of web development projectThey have some prior knowledge. But the magnitude of everything we need to know is such that on many occasions we do not remember everything. That is why these chops that we will talk about next will be very helpful as a point of support. They are created in such a way that they help us remember and have at hand basic and somewhat more advanced concepts belonging to certain topics.

web development chops

  • CSS3 properties: in this case we find a cheat sheet in A4 format and in PDF with a good part of the CSS2 and CSS3 features. In turn, they are cataloged by themes and properties.
  • HTML5 tags: if we want to focus on everything related to the HTML5 standard, this PDF cheat sheet will help us. We find most of the HTML5 related featuresand some of HTML5.1all cataloged by the names of the different labels.
  • Linux terminal: on the other hand, if yours are the Linux open source systemssure the Terminal It is very important in your day to day. As you can imagine in this cheat sheet we find some of the most important commands that we can use here.
  • VueJS Framework: another very interesting cheat sheet is focused on the JS programming language. Specifically, this cheat sheet offers features of the core framework for SPA VueJS web applications.
  • Javascript: As you can imagine, this complementary and help documentation focuses on the Javascript development language.
  • WebComponents: you can also use this interesting cheat sheet with the key concepts of the WebComponents ecosystem, all of it grouped by theme.

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