Artificial Intelligence reaches Dropbox services, which will open an investment fund in AI

Dropbox it also surrenders to Artificial Intelligence. This is confirmed by the latest news from the company, which on the one hand will launch two new products with AI on its platform, and on the other will open an investment fund in AI, endowed with 50 million dollars.

The new products Dropbox has announced are designed to improve the way users find tools and information, and also to summarize the information in their files stored on the service. Are Dropbox Dash and Dropbox AIand its purpose is to help speed up and personalize work.

The first is a universal search tool that is designed to connect tools, content, and apps in a single search bar, eliminating the time spent going from one app to another to find the content a user needs at all times. .

It integrates with various platforms, including Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, and Salesforce. It incorporates Stacks, collections of smart links that offer its users the ability to save, organize, and retrieve URLs, doing it in a way that simulates saving files to folders. Another of its functions, Start Page, offers a control panel that gives access to universal search, to see Stacks and to get shortcuts to start meetings and open recent tasks.

According to the company, Dash will use generative AI to answer questions and locate relevant content in the future. It is currently available in closed testing with some Dropbox clients, and only in English. It is unknown if the company will charge an additional amount to those already paid by its customers to be able to use it.

The other tool, Dropbox AI, offers summary features, so users have access to a quick view of long documents, as well as videos or meeting recordings. You can ask Dropbox AI a specific question about a piece of specific content, and receive a response in real time.

The company plans to bring these capabilities to users’ folders, as well as all Dropbox items and accounts, in the future. For now, the tool is in early testing, launching first in the United States for Pro account customers.

Regarding the investment fund announced by the company, Dropbox Ventures is designed to support startups that work with AI and that are in their early stages of growth. Those selected for Dropbox to invest in will receive financial support and mentorship so they can develop new AI-powered products for the world of work.

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