ASTRID, an autonomous inventory robot with artificial intelligence

astriddeveloped jointly by ID Logistics and the French companies E-Dentic and Wyca, is a robot that does not need human intervention to know its route, direct it or carry out inventory work.

perform a Inventory it is a complex and time-consuming task, both for the logistics company and for its client. Against a backdrop of product disruptions related to supply chain difficulties and global health crises, inventories and warehouse sizes tend to increase. Logistics providers must find solutions to ensure reliable tracking of all stock. This monitoring must be regular, autonomous and reliable to guarantee the availability of the products and the productivity of the warehouse.

ASTRID Challenges

The robot allows to face the following industry challenges:

  • Regularly optimize the reliability of the warehouse stock, carrying out a high-speed inventory of pallets in a 100% autonomous manner.
  • Provide in real time all the information necessary for the correct management of the supply chain of its clients.
  • A collaborative project between three major players in innovation

«ASTRID is the latest addition to our innovation department and, after 3 years of research and development, we are especially proud to be able to launch its operational deployment. This is a true innovation that responds both to the request of our customers to make their stock management more reliable and to improve the working conditions of our teams. From ID Logistics we thank our partners Wyca Robotics and E-Dentic for accompanying us in this process»said Eric Hémar, president of ID Logistics.

ASTRID checks itself 5,000 pallets per hour, i.e. 20 times faster than a drone which usually requires the presence of an operator nearby and 100 times faster than a manual inventory. In this way, the frequency of inventories can be increased dramatically without any additional effort for stock managers. This allows tax inventories to be carried out automatically, making the stock more reliable, improving the quality of the service and increasing the productivity of the forklift operators or preparers.

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The stock manager has the option to start regular routines or one-off tasks. ASTRID will then launch your mission, take inventory, send photos and/or reports of your mission to the web portal. Finally, the stock manager will analyze deviations and changes in stock.

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