ASUS RTX 3070 Noctua, the best heatsink in the history of GPUs?

ASUS, like many other graphics card manufacturers, has collaborated throughout its history with various manufacturers of cooling devices. Experience and design technology may not always be enough to claim the crown of performance or design, so this is possibly why ASUS partnered with water block maker RK at the time and so on. release GeForce GTX graphics with pre-installed blocks.

ASUS graphics in collaboration with Noctua is a reality

This model that you can see indicated in the capture of the registration report in the EEC has the name RTX3070-8G-NOCTUA, and suggests that obviously ASUS is working with the Austrian manufacturer Noctua on a model of RTX 3070 personalized. It is not clear if this will be the only graphics card developed by the two brands or if it will be an air or water cooled graphics card … it is not even known if it will be a brown and beige graphics card, the characteristic colors of Noctua.

In this news you can see two examples of how these graphics cards would look (one of them is a 3D render while the other is a mod), but this would probably be what most hardware hobbyists will think when they find out about that ASUS and Noctua are collaborating on the design of a GPU.

ASUS Noctua

In any case, the association of ASUS and Noctua seems to have been rumored since the end of last month; in fact, a foreign media outlet that heard about these rumors contacted both ASUS and Noctua to confirm it, and in both cases the manufacturers neither confirmed nor denied this association, although it is true that one of the answers obtained did which seems to suggest that Noctua-themed graphics cards are in development.

A Premium Heatsink for a Premium GPU


ASUS is one of the most recognized manufacturers in the field of graphics cards, and in fact its cooling solutions can almost always claim to be the best. However, when you want to take the crown of performance there are times when your technology is simply not enough to achieve the result you want and you must turn to third parties who have more experience than you.

ASUS not only manufactures graphics cards, but also motherboards, cases, power supplies, gaming peripherals, monitors and much more, and as they say “who covers a lot little squeezes” while Noctua is a manufacturer that is dedicated exclusively to products of refrigeration (and in fact, as we have mentioned many times, their products are considered the Rolls Royce of refrigeration both for their performance and (above all) for their quality), so without a doubt this association can only bring us a product of Premium category.

At the moment everything is up in the air because the only confirmation of these rumors that have been flying since the end of last month is this registration in the ECC, but it is also a confirmation that the association is real and that they already have a product in the making. (the RTX 3070 mentioned). We’ll see what happens in the end, we just have to wait.

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