Automate dark mode on your Mac quickly and easily

On many occasions we can come to think that automations on our Mac are complicated to carry out, but nothing could be further from the truth. Today we want to teach all those users who have just arrived in the Mac world how to automate dark mode on their computer.

It may seem like a complicated task to carry out but it is the simplest and most intuitive there is. It is simply about accessing the System preferences and there, look at the first option that appears in General.

All those users who want to have the dark mode automatically on their Macs can do so simply by activating the “Automatic” function that Apple offers us in the settings. We don’t need to create any rule or anything like that, just by activating this function It will depend on the time in which we are when the team itself activates the dark mode on our Mac. Obviously, many of you already know this option that is available in the Mac settings, but it sure can be useful to all those users who have the first Mac with M1 in front of them and want to enjoy dark mode without having to to have it activated all day.

Among these options we find the possibility of adding the dark mode permanently, the light mode or the automatic mode, which is the one that interests us right now. We simply have to click on this and the team will take care of everything we do not have to do anything at any time to enjoy this dark mode.

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