Manage your Mac files easily with Marta

Marta is a file explorer with two panels. Simple but effective application with which you have two columns with which to browse your files, and it can be in a different folder in each column. Updated to December 2020, its creator says that there are not many really important news in a visible way but inside, what makes it work so well. Version 0.8 is now available.

While it doesn’t bring many new features, this version 0.8 of Marta, is full of internal changes made to allow a future of the app to continue to exist. The filesystem layer is the core, so it must be stable, efficient, and extensible. While the previous implementation did not have major bottlenecks, it was not ideal in many ways:

File abstraction was complex and depended on a particular file system. Sometimes, too much information about files was collected for no particular reason. Therefore, its creator Yan, decided to rewrite the entire filesystem layer from scratch with the experience that he obtained during these last years.

Now all the file operations offered by a system like this are exposed. All ongoing operations they run automatically in the worker thread. However, it is not necessary for us to change the thread ourselves: Marta will do it for you. Also a good option has been added: Instead of throwing errors, the methods that can fail return multiple results.

Marta is a native macOS application written entirely in Swift. Not only does it allow for a native experience, the app is also incredibly fast. It does not collect or sell our data. There is no hidden functionality or back doors. And it never will be, at least so its creator claims and after so long in the market it has never caused problems. Work with files as well as folders. Marta opens and writes ZIP files and opens RAR, 7Z, XAR, TAR, ISO, CAB, LZH and many more formats.

The program is free and you can download it from this link

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