Avoid screen breakage on your iPhone XR: the best protectors

Can you put any screen protector on the iPhone XR?

The first thing we want to tell you is the compatibility that you have to take into account when buying a screen protector for the iPhone XR. The Screen size of this device is 6.1 inch, but with a peculiarity that accompanies all iPhones, and that is the presence of the Nocth, where the front camera and all the sensors are located to be able to enjoy the safest facial recognition on the market.

iPhone XR

Having a 6.1-inch screen means that the screen protectors of the iPhone 11, which has the same screen size, are fully compatible with the iPhone XR and vice versa. However, the screen size is not the only thing to consider in this case, since the iPhone 12 also has 6.1 inches in size but its screen protectors are not compatible given the shape of the device.

Keep these points in mind before buying

When putting a screen protector on your iPhone, something that we highly recommend, you have to take into account a series of very important factors, since depending on these, the price may be higher or lower, and even it will be more comfortable and easy to put it on. Next we will talk about what you have to take into account when choosing it.

  • Degree of hardness The protector is the first point you have to take into account, the harder, the more it will protect the screen of your iPhone, but also, the higher the price of it.
  • Do you want to cover the whole screen? There are protectors capable of monopolizing the entire screen and others that leave the part of the notch completely free, so you will have to opt for one type or another.
  • Do you have enough skill to put it correctly? This is one of the most important points since, if you do not have enough skill to put the screen protector, you will be spending the money for nothing, therefore, there are some options that have a mechanism and some marked steps to put it on comfortably and simple.
  • You don’t like being looked at your iPhone screen while you use it? For this there are also anti spy guards that make the iPhone screen seen from the sides do not show any information and look completely black.

Do you want something basic and cheap?

As we mentioned before, there are many types of screen protectors, but depending on this, the price of them also varies. In this post we are going to start talking about simpler screen protectors and that, consequently, have a much cheaper price.

NEW’C 2 Units Screen Protector


We start this compilation with one of the cheapest options you can find. It is fully compatible with both the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11 and its 6.1-inch screens that will be perfectly protected with this product that has a 0.33mm thickness.

It is made of high quality tempered glass and it has rounded edges that adapt perfectly to the shape of the device. It is scratch resistant. In addition to protecting the iPhone screen, it will also allow you to get rid of dust, the fatal fingerprints and of course the hated bubbles that sometimes remain.

JETech Screen Protector


East pack of three units JETech brand screen protector is a fantastic option to have enough units to have your iPhone screen well protected during a good season. Its 6.1-inch size and the shape of the glass make it fully compatible with both the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11.

These screen protectors are made from tempered glass that features a 0.33mm thickness high quality and with rounded edges, to better adapt to the shape of the device. It presents a resistance to scratches as well as it will allow you to have the screen free of dust and fingerprints.

SPARIN Screen Protector


In the same way as the previous option, now the SPARIN brand also provides a pack with 3 units, perfect to keep the iPhone screen safe for a long time. But also, in this case we add a plus because provides an installation kit that will make things really easy for you when placing the screen protector on your iPhone.

It is a high transparency glass that preserves the quality of the original image. It has a 9H hardness, which effectively protects the device from scratches by keys or other hard objects, such as a knife. Having an ultra-slim design allows the user to maintain that original experience of screen response.

Spigen EZ Fit Screen Protector


Spigen is one of the brands that manufactures more and better accessories for Apple mobile devices, and without a doubt, this screen protector is one of the best options you can find in quality / price ratio. In this case, it has two units inside the box that will allow you to have the iPhone screen well protected for a long time.

This tempered glass features a 9H hardness, which I have made scratch resistant really hard materials, which under normal conditions would leave a good mark on the screen of your device. What’s more, has the installation kit So being able to attach the screen protector to your iPhone will be a matter of seconds since you will not present any problem.

Amazon Basics – Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Amazon Basics

This screen protector is from Amazon and its brand Amazon Basics. It is made of tempered glass and, of course, the compatibility of this product is total with both the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11. In addition, in its box you can find up to two units of this product, which provides you protection for the device during a good season.

The corners are rounded to perfectly fit the shape of iPhone screenIt also has a 9H hardness, which makes it resistant to both scratches and breakage. It also features a hydrophobic and olephobic coating that helps keep the screen clean, free of sweat, fingerprints, smudges, and oil residue.

SmartDevil Anti-Spy Screen Protector


This screen protector adds a special functionality that we talked about at the beginning of this post and that is that, in addition to protecting the screen of your iPhone from scratches and bumps that could break it, it also protect your privacy. Prevent people next to you from seeing your phone screen.

The way it adheres to the screen is very smooth, which means that the hated bubbles do not form, in the same way that it prevents the entry of dust between the screen and the protector. It has a 9H hardness which makes it resistant to many scratches and bumps, being a completely reliable option to protect the screen of your iPhone.

Give your iPhone screen extra protection

We put aside the cheaper screen protectors and now turn to talking about screen protectors whose price is somewhat higher but that, obviously, goes hand in hand with an increase in the quality of the product, which entails protection more reliable on your iPhone screen.

Belkin ScreenForce TemperedCurve Screen Protector


The brand Belkin is one of the most prestigious As far as accessories for Apple devices are concerned, in fact, in the Apple Store itself you can find numerous products that you can use together with the iPhone or any other device from the Cupertino company. In this case we are talking about a screen protector of tremendous quality, compatible with both the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11.

It has an edge-to-edge adjustment, leaving the iPhone notch completely free of interference and thus providing full coverage. His multilevel protection makes it completely resistant against impacts and scratches, withstanding the deterioration of daily use. In addition, it also preserves the clarity and tactile sensitivity of the screen itself, with a thickness of only 0.33mm.

HAMMERGLAS Screen Protector


We now continue with the option provided by the manufacturer HAMMERGLAS to protect the 6.1-inch screens of both the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11, two phones that have been and are a sales success for the Cupertino company. In this case, as can be seen on the product box itself, sIt is an ultra resistant glass, so much so that it supports the blows of a hammer.

It has 360 inches of protection thanks to the casing that it has, which is made of transparent TPU perfectly adapted to the iPhone screen. This screen protector will be like a second skin, allowing the use of the touch screen with total normality. Its thickness is 0.33mm, harder than steel, waterproof and anti-fingerprint coating.

Dome Glass iPhone XR Screen Protector

Dome glass

The Dome Glass brand offers one of the most premium screen protectors you can find. In this case it has the liquid dispersion technology, which consists of, through liquid glass that is dispersed evenly throughout the entire screen, including any scratches and scuffs that may exist, this glass hardens to create an impenetrable edge-to-edge barrier while repairing cracks and blemishes.

It is the number one screen protector compatible with both the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11. It also has an installation kit that will provide you with the means to leave the protector perfectly attached to the screen of your iPhone without having a single just trouble for it.

Otterbox Performance Plus Glass


We end this compilation with the option that has the highest price of all, and is provided by the Otterbox brand. In this case we have a tempered glass that covers the entire device edge to edge, leaving the part of the notch free. Yes, the glass is ultra strong, providing premium protection for the iPhone screen against drops and impacts.

It is compatible with both iPhone XR and iPhone 11 and has been designed by corning, a manufacturer of innovative glass products that has behind its back more than 167 years of experience. Obviously it is a product with a high price but with which you will forget that your iPhone could suffer some damage to its screen.

This is our choice

We finish the collection of screensavers by sharing what is the choice of the writing team of La Manzana Mordida. First of all, if we have to choose one of the cheapest screen protectors, we are left with the option it provides Spigen. The reason is that in terms of quality / price ratio, the product is really fantastic, in fact one of the members of the writing team has been able to see how this screen protector has saved the screen of your iPhone on more than one occasion.

If we move to the more premium screen protectors, and consequently, also with a higher price, we are left with the alternative offered by the brand HAMMERGLAS since we consider that the product it offers is the highest quality, providing a lot of peace of mind to the user with its resistance.

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