Avoid trouble: what to do before selling an iPhone

If you are going to sell your iPhone, either because you already have a new one or are thinking of renewing it, you must know the keys to do it well and not lose a lot of money On it. In this post we summarize the key aspects that you should take into account for this, so we advise you to take good note.

About what price you should put

Although there are many stores that buy an iPhone at a good price, in the end you can always get more from the sale between individuals. And with you being the one who decides the price at this point, it can be more complicated. Here are some tips:

  • Examine the competition And, since you are not the only one who sells that iPhone, you will be able to determine in what average the prices are located. It is important that you do not exceed the average that others have, although it will be just as important not to put it much lower because you would lose a lot of money.
  • Determine their physical condition, always keeping in mind that if it has any scratches or marks of use, the value in the end decreases. Also take into account the health of the battery, something that more and more users ask when buying a second-hand iPhone.

  • Do you include accessories? The charging cable and adapter can be essential, but so can headphones or cases. You can perhaps take it into account to offer a somewhat higher price, although you should not go too far in it.
  • Set a mental price of which you are not going to move. Let’s say you don’t want to get less than 400 euros for the device, well, you can put it for 450 or 500 euros on sale and if you can’t sell it like that, accept a haggle to reach that figure of 400 and try not to get off there. .

Protect your data after the sale of the terminal

Once you have found a buyer for the device, regardless of who it is and the value you have negotiated, it is important not to leave your personal data in their hands. And in this regard, it is essential that you know how to completely restore the iPhone.

And is that It is not the same to restore it from Settings than with a computer. In the first way, you simply overwrite the new data over the old ones, while connecting it to a computer can erase the data completely. Therefore, this second method will not only be more effective to ensure the complete erasure of your data, but it will also avoid software errors to the new carrier of the device.

restore iphone

It is important that you also delete it from your device list, which can be done from an iPhone or iPad by going to Settings> your name, but also through the iCloud web. Of course, we advise you to do this only when you have already restored the device.

And regarding the delivery of the terminal, it is important that you do not add any configuration, even if it is not with your Apple ID. The new user must be the one who configures everything, so you must leave it on the initial screen where it says “Hello” in several languages.

Another important aspect that, despite serving as a conclusion, is the most relevant: detect scams. If someone asks you to make a transfer or requests personal or financial information in a very strange way, be suspicious. Always prioritize in-person transactions to prevent your iPhone and / or personal data from ending up in the wrong hands.

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