Selection of iPhone Compatible Alarm Sensors

This is a brand that has a great reputation in the world of HomeKit products. In this case you can find a sensor that has two parts. One that will go specifically on the door or window frame. The other part of a smaller size will be in the window or door itself. By default, these two parts of the sensor must be physically linked, thus indicating that these areas of the house are closed.

In this way, if these two pieces are separated, it will be possible to check that both the door or the window will be open. At the moment you will receive on your iPhone, iPad or Mac a notification of this new event. And as we have previously commented through the HomePod or Apple TV you can activate other accessories with this variableand. It’s really easy to set up through the Home app.


The sensor that will warn you of any movement that exists in your home, but also that will deter a possible thief. It has four security modes: stay, away, night and off. The delayed setting allows you to enter or exit comfortably to prevent the siren from tripping. And as we have well commented, has a built-in alarm so that when the door or window is opened (depending on the activated mode) it will be activated. In this way you can dissuade the person who is trying to access in a fast way.

Likewise, a notice can be sent to your mobile, iPad or Mac through the internet and with the Home application. This will make it easy for you to know who is entering your home even if you don’t hear the alarm so you can call the police yourself. You can create different scenes based on the information provided by these sensors. This is because it can also record information such as temperature or humidity.



This is a brand that has a great reputation, especially when it comes to household appliances. It has a pretty good design, with a part that is elongated and that will always be placed on the door or window frame. The small part will be placed physically united with the door or window. In this way, when they separate, the warning mechanism is activated.

To make it work you will need to have a Bosch Smart Home. Equally, you will have the option to connect it to the Home application, as it is compatible with HomeKit and does not have to depend on the Bosch application itself. An alert will only be received when the door or window is opened, but it will not sound any kind of alert as it does on other models.



This option is quite discreet to be able to integrate with the decoration of your house. Although it is quite simple, it integrates all the necessary technology to be able to have different functionalities available. For it to work properly, it has to be careful to change batteries as long as you tap and pre-configure to make it fully functional.

Of course, it can be used with HomeKit itself as it is compatible. In this way it will be possible to detect the opening and closing but also the manipulation. With the latter, he always refers to the possibility that someone tries to open, however, without success. Likewise, you will always be able to know everything that is happening with your access roads to home, which is something of vital importance. It is important to note that it will also have the capacity to measure the ambient temperature.

Alternatives that connect to the iPhone

It may be the case that you are not a fan of HomeKit. That is why you should know that there are options that act independently. That is, they can be controlled through an application of the developer himself in a comfortable way. Although obviously you will not have the advantages of creating scenes among others.



This accessory works closely with the security camera of this same brand. It doesn’t work with HomeKit, but you can keep getting the necessary notifications on your iPhone through the corresponding application. Alerts will always reach you before intruders enter by sending a notification when vibrations are detected in a door or window.

In this case on Amazon you can find a pack with three different sensors that can be installed on the windows and doors that you require. With the application you will also have data on whether the window or the door are open or closed at all times. It stands out for the ease in the first installation, making you have a complete security system.


This sensor provides a wide application to be used in doors, windows, boxes, drawers or cabinets. In this way you can have absolute control of where you need to have the maximum possible protection. Connects via WiFi connection via 2.4 GHz networks. This will ensure that whether you are at home or away you will receive a notification when there is a relevant event.

It has a low consumption so that the batteries can last for up to 18 months. It is important to note that it does not work through rechargeable batteries, but you must use simple batteries to start working. To perform the check, the use of the developer’s app is highlighted, but compatibility with Alexa or Google Assistant can also be used.



At any time you will be able to know what is happening at home, simply by looking at your mobile. You will be able to know when the door or window has been opened by receiving smart notifications and automatically. The connection allows them to be sent and notifications are received within a maximum range of 8 seconds. Obviously, it is always recommended to have different security elements to enjoy a complete experience.

Being compatible with Alexa or Google Home, smart scenes can be created. This means that it can be configured so that when the door is opened the light turns on automatically. That is why it can comply with security functions, but also with others related to the comfort offered by home automation.



The highlight of this sensor, beyond the typical functions, is that its Batteries can last up to 2 years. This is because they have CR-123A batteries that have been certified to last up to 730 days. It features a small and compact design to fit any door or window frame. This is ideal especially when talking about houses that are older.

Installation is very simple, since you simply have to remove the mounting tape and stick the sensor to the door or window that you want to monitor. Although, in addition to having a notification system, a siren of up to 100 decibels when detecting a forced entry. Ideal to be able to repel any entry attempt.



This sensor is designed primarily to be able to create scenes that are intelligent. In this sense, we must once again emphasize the fact that when your door is opened the light automatically turns on. This is achieved through a scene that combines the sensor itself with a light bulb or socket that is also smart. This obviously means that the link must be made through Wifi to be detected by the assistants and also by the configuration app.

Likewise, you can also opt for the security function in which you are notified at all times of who is entering the house. Different will be received push notifications Through the application found in the App Store, on the different events that may occur at home.


Sensor system that allows you to send an alarm to notify you if someone has opened your door or window. It can be easily controlled through the Smart Life app, although it is also compatible with Google and Amazon assistants. Installation is simple, since it only requires 10 mm of thickness, not having to do anything else such as electrical installations. This is because it works mainly on batteries.

In the application itself, it is possible to highlight the fact of being able to share the sensors with the whole family. The highest quality glue materials are used to guarantee the hold. In this way, even if there is an earthquake or you try to remove it, it will not be a very easy task to perform.

The most recommended

There are many sensor options that can be found in the market, as has been seen. But we must keep one of these options, which is Eve. This is a compact model and above all that allows it to function correctly when interacting with HomeKit. At any time you can receive a notification that someone has tried to enter the house, or simply create custom scenes.

But if we stay within HomeKit, the brand should be highlighted ONVIS. This has as differentiating characteristics the fact of integrating a sound signal that will automatically jump when opening a door or window. It is designed above all to repel anyone who wants to access your home without your permission. Likewise, you will also receive the corresponding notification on your device of this event.

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