AWS Initiate 2022 arrives in Madrid in October

After the summer break, October is once again filled with essential technological events for CIOs and ICT professionals. On October 4, AWS will celebrate the 2022 edition of its Initiate in Madrid, a meeting that will feature panels and expert sessions in the most cutting-edge technological areas of the moment.

Aimed at all those who want to promote and accelerate digital transformation in their organization, initiate will provide the opportunity for attendees to understand and learn how to scale a business in the public cloud in an agile, scalable and secure way.

In this edition of AWS Initiate, the American multinational presents an agenda with technical and management content about case studies that address the topics most discussed by their clients, whether they are from the education sector, the health sector, public administration or non-profit organizations.

Also during the day, attendees will be able to have close contact with experts from AWS and its main business partners, so that they can answer all kinds of questions and, in this way, start your cloud projects with confidence.

Some of the topics that will be addressed throughout Initiate 2022 are: Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Application Modernization, Serverless, Security, Sustainability, Migration, Learning, Digital Transformation, Cost Reduction, etc.

Among the speakers at the conference, names such as those of Eva Labarta (Head of Public Sector at AWS Spain), Angel Smith (Sales Account Manager AWS) or Jorge Iniguez (Deputy General Director of Innovation of ONCE). On the agenda for the day, we find the following technical sessions:

  • Security at scale with AWS
  • First steps for a serverless strategy.
  • AI and ML optimizing document processing.
  • Migrate and modernize with AWS.
  • Protect yourself from Ransomware immediately.
  • Implementing a hybrid strategy with AWS.

In addition and in parallel, those interested can attend the following management sessions to optimize their business.

  • Modern applications in a changing world.
  • The five keys to success in digital transformation.
  • Improving decision making based on data analysis.
  • Facing the challenge of environmental sustainability.
  • Round table: ecologies of learning.
  • Streamlining access to the cloud.

All this with the support that companies such as DXC, Itera, Apser, minisait, NTT Data, opentrends, Telefónica Tech or T-Systems offer AWS as partners. In short, if you want to start the new “school year” on the right foot, this AWS Initiative 2022 It is one of those events that you cannot miss.

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