AWS launches two new services aimed at improving the activity of telcos

Amazon Web Services has reaffirmed its commitment to the telecommunications industry with the announcement of a new managed service, AWS Telco Network Builderand a new program in collaboration with communications service providers, Integrated Private Wireless on AWS. Ahead of MWC Barcelona 2023, AWS continues to strengthen its commitment to the industry by providing tools to customers and partners to make network deployment, management, and scaling even faster and more efficient. Starting today, customers will have access to:

Integrated Private Wireless on AWS

A program designed to provide enterprises with a managed and validated private wireless network offering from leading Communications Service Providers (CSPs). These offerings integrate CSPs’ 5G and 4G LTE private wireless networks with AWS services in AWS Regions, AWS Local Zones, AWS Outposts and AWS Snow Family.

Solutions are technically validated by AWS Telco Solution Architects for their robustness and adherence to AWS best practices. Telecommunications companies provide, manage and support solutions. Integrated Private Wireless on AWS complements the AWS managed service, AWS Private 5Gand makes available to customers a spectrum of options according to their specific requirements for private wireless networks.

The new Integrated Private Wireless combines the reliability and security of AWS infrastructure and services with the 5G/4G LTE networks of leading telecommunications companies, including Telefónica Tech and others, to offer enterprises quick and easy ways to discover and deploy private wireless networks.

AWS Telco Network Builder

AWS Telco Network Builder, a fully managed service, helps customers deploy, run, and scale telecommunications networks on AWS. Communications Service Providers (CSPs) can fill in their network architecture (eg, routing requirements, deployment location, specific network functions) as a template in the service console using industry-standard language for communications. telecommunications, which makes it intuitive and easy to use.

AWS Telco Network Builder translates the template into a cloud-based network architecture and provides the necessary AWS infrastructure, shortening the time to deploy a configured, operational network in the cloud from days to hours. AWS Telco Network Builder automatically realigns compute and storage resources, allowing CSPs to focus on business operations and offer new services.

This announcement completes AWS’s current portfolio of services with a special focus on the telecommunications industry, which includes AWS Private 5G, AWS Wavelength, AWS Cloud WAN, and AWS Outposts.

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