Bard, Google’s AI, already helps you program in 20 different languages

Despite Google being one of the creators of the technology behind the Artificial Intelligence that has popularized ChatGPT, the search giant has proven to have rested on its laurels in recent years and with the launch of the solution OpenAI so that any user could generate text and/or obtain answers based on a text or question, has stepped on the accelerator in recent months.

Google’s solution to ChatGPT and Bing Chat is called Bard. For just over a month, some users have had the opportunity to try it, tests that have not left it in a very good place. However, Google has continued to work on this AI and a few days ago, published a new update on the bard evolutionan evolution that, without a doubt, will be appreciated by all the people who are dedicated to programming applications.

As we can read in this publication, Google affirms that Bard allows you to carry out programming and software development tasks, by being able to generate and debug code. In addition, it also offers an explanation of each of the lines of code to create in more than 20 programming languages ​​and among which we find JavaScript, Java, python, typescript, C++, go among others, with the most used programming languages.

The function that allows debug the code It is ideal for reducing the number of lines of code to perform a certain function so that it is more efficient and/or faster in practically any programming language, so it is a tool that, when it is publicly available, software developers They cannot be set aside, at least to test if this function is as satisfactory as the one that ChatGPT and Bing Chat currently make available to us.

Bard AI

If we don’t just find the execution error presented by a code, we can also use Bard to analyze it and find the problem along with the solution, functions that are also available on OpenAI and Microsoft platforms.

One very important point of Bard’s support for code generation is that, like Bing Chat, Bard includes a link to the source from where you got the code as long as it is an open source project. Like any AI, the code that Bard can offer us can contain small errors, so it is not an ideal tool to program if we do not have any type of knowledge, but rather it is an additional help on a day-to-day basis. (Alprazolam) of the programmers.

At the moment, Bard is still available to a very small number of people and at the moment the company’s plans to expand its use in private beta are unknown and that the media can correctly analyze what level Bard is currently at compared to the options currently available on the market.

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