Be careful this summer with the QR! Tricks so you don’t get cheated

The QR codes they are everywhere. They basically serve to scan them with the mobile and access a web page. They are very present in restaurants, to consult the menu, as well as in tourist places, to look for information on a monument, in museums, etc. The problem is that these codes can be modified or a false one can be inserted to scam. Therefore, in summer it is important to be alert and not fall into the trap. We are going to tell you what you should know.

In case you enter a fake QR code, hackers could steal your passwords, take you to a fraudulent website, collect personal information, or cause your device to malfunction. Furthermore, this could happen without you realizing that you are accessing dangerous content.

Avoid dangerous QR

So what do you need to do to avoid dangerous QR codes this summer? let’s give you some tips that you can put into practice. The objective is to know at all times the risk that there may be and not make mistakes that affect your safety. You will always be able to have some clues that can help you detect fraudulent codes.

Beware of stickers

The first trick to avoid dangerous QRs is to be careful with the stickers. Normally, hackers are going to print a false code and use it in stickers to put on restaurant tables or tourist places where they have to look for some type of information. That may give us a clue.

The secure codes, at least most of them, are going to come directly on the table, part of a poster of a monument, etc. They are not going to put a sticker on it, although this does not mean that sometimes they do.

See the page well

Another essential tip to avoid problems is see the website very well which you are accessing. You can see that it has a correct image, that it does not make us doubt that it is really a hoax. For example, you can look at the URL of that site, see if it corresponds to the official website, etc.

We will always find details that show us that we are facing a scam. We will be able to see things that help us avoid fraud that could put our security at risk and have problems with the phone.

do not give information

you shouldn’t give either information through these QR codes. If you suddenly see that they ask you for data, such as your mobile number, email, name and surname or anything, be careful with this. It could be a strategy to get hold of your personal information and then use it against you.

One way to use that data against you is to create custom phishing attacks. They will know your data and they will be able to send you an SMS, an email and, in addition, provide more information so that they can steal your passwords.

Be careful with downloading files

Of course, you must be careful with any file to be downloaded through that QR code. It may just be a restaurant menu, but it could be a malicious document. That malicious file could be used to steal your data, spy on you, make the mobile malfunction, etc.

A good idea is to always have a good antivirus installed. This will help you detect malicious files and remove them as soon as possible. It is good not to take unnecessary risks and thus avoid problems in these cases.

As you can see, it is important to detect fake QR codes this summer. It is essential to maintain your security correctly and not have problems. You can take into account these tips that we have given and protect your device. You can even connect to WiFi with a QR code, but it’s important to get it right.

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