Best drones that do not need a license to fly

Because of that, if you don’t have one yet and want to start in this world, we are going to see the best drones that you can buy legally and without the need for a license.

When is a license required?

First of all, we are going to see what are the requirements to be able to fly a drone without having a license, it is something very important to acquire a model, otherwise you can get into serious trouble, they are increasingly controlled and regulated and it would not be advisable to take risks. thereto.

There are many prohibitions for flying a drone, as you already know you cannot do it near an airport (within 8km), as well as natural parks or protected areas. But this applies to everyone, whether they have a license or not. That is why it is recommended that when you are going to use your drone you look for a map of your area and know if you can fly it. We leave you this page where you can see it for yourself.

drone map spain

Now that you know where you can fly, let’s see what makes the difference between the need to have a license or not.

Well, it’s very simple, the only difference between them are two characteristics. The first is that the drone does not weigh more than 250 gramsand the second is that it does not exceed 19m/s, or what is the same, 68.4km/h

Best drones without a license

Because you are looking for a license that is not necessary, we understand that you will not use this professionally, so we are going to focus on drones at the user and beginner level, with a reduced budget. If not, and although they do not require a license, you are interested in something professional, you have options such as the DJI Mini 3, with 249gr (to the limit) and some brutal characteristics, yes, the price goes a bit out of range.

1.Richie 4K

We start with this more than interesting option. He has a recording of 4K with 25 minutes of autonomy and all for some €50-€60, there really are few who can match it. For an affordable price you have more than decent features. It is also so small and light that you can take it wherever you want.

richie drone 4k

2.KBDFA E88 Pro

If we want to opt for something even cheaper since we have never flown one and we are afraid of breaking it on the first flight, we leave you this model that also records in 4K although its autonomy is reduced to half that of the previous one, only a few 12 minutesYes, the price is also half.

foldable drone

3.Holy Stone HS175D

Finally, if you are looking for something a little better, we leave you this third price range, you will find it on Amazon, a model much superior to the previous ones both in flight modes, as well as in stability and battery. He owns up to 46 minutes of the same, also records in 4k and includes up to follow me mode with which you will not need to control it, it will follow you automatically.

There are many more models, but we believe that these compile in the price range and quality that an average user is looking for. In any case, knowing the requirements for it to be a license-free drone, now you are the one who can search and buy the one that interests you the most and start enjoying this world.

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