The screen for your RAM memory arrives: Thermaltake Pacific R2 Ultra

With RGB LEDs the hardware world had a revolution, they are one of those things that mark a before and after, you may like them more or less, but nowadays there is not a product that does not have its version with colored lights. Something similar is beginning to happen with LCD screens, and since its boom a few years ago where manufacturers went crazy mounting screens to power supplies, new proposals have been seen. Pacific R2 Ultra is one of these display options for our PC chassis unveiled during CES 2022 by Thermaltake.

It is difficult to justify filling your PC tower with dozens of screens, more or less large, spread out on all sides. So much information should we have available? Or is it only valid to put memes and GIFs of kittens?

Thermaltake Pacific R2 Ultra, screen for your memories

The truth is that it really is not a screen to use for your RAM, but it uses the space on your memories to be located. Thermaltake has given its already known LCD for RAM Pacific A2 Ultra memories, which has been with us for something like a year and is designed to be mounted together with our liquid cooling. The biggest difference between these is functionality or independence, depending on how you look at it.

The Thermaltake Pacific R2 Ultra Memory LCD is a component that can be purchased completely independently and will not be subject to the purchase of a bundle or AIO; will have an approximate cost of € 115 according to the official website of Thermaltake EU.

RGB, 3.9 inches and multipurpose

Thermaltake Lateral

With a resolution of 128 x 480 in a 3.9 “LCD In full color we can customize the information we want to see at all times through the software of Thermaltake. Whether it’s watching a GIF of kittens, or monitoring the temperatures, frequencies or workload that our entire team has. Furthermore, its RGB functionality, unsurprisingly, is built into the ecosystem. TT RGB Plus Of the brand.

Regarding its consumption, the LCD device has an input power of 1.4 W to 0.28 A, and its overall dimensions with de 144.28 x 50 x 71 mmAlthough its LCD monitor is not very large with 3.9 ″ in general, the Thermaltake Pacific R2 Ultra continues to retain a fairly large overall size, although somewhat smaller than in its version for liquid cooling, it is still considerable.

Things that we must take into account about this new Thermaltake proposal for our equipment: first, have a box with a transparent side to be able to see the inside of our hardware. The second thing is compatibility, the anchoring system, although it is very simple to assemble, has a size limitation, being the maximum height for our memories of 48 mm and limiting the market options a bit, where the height of the RAM tends to go up. On the other hand, connectivity will be by USB (9PIN) so we must have a free connector on our motherboard available to be able to plug in the Thermaltake Pacific R2 Ultra.

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