BioWare confirms the name of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and advances some details about the game

Until now known as Dragon Age 4, after a long silence of several years, BioWare has finally returned to offer us some details about its next game, not only confirming that its development is still underway, but finally announcing its official title: Dragon Age Dreadwolf.

Unfortunately, the length of the information shared is nothing like the wait, with these being the only details shared at the moment. As the only consolation, the company has already advanced that new details will be revealed by the end of the yearthus confirming his absence during the Summer Game Fest.

What we know so far about Dragon Age Dreadwolf

Seven years after the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition, and two years after the company revealed the latest Dragon Age trailer at the 2020 Game Awards, the only details we knew about this game is that it was still in such an early stage of development. developing, going through several hard resets during this timeand even some changes in its direction.

Some signs that luckily, more than related to the game itself, were derived from the organizational problems that BioWare has suffered in recent years when working on multiple projects at the same time. Unfortunately, tensions between EA’s financial goals and what Bioware itself wanted to offer its fans has led to the departure of some veterans of the series over the years, including creative director Mike Laidlaw.

Thus, the developers of Dragon Age Dreadwolf hope that this new game stays with both the narrative and usual style of the saga, as well as with the expectations of living service what EA is looking for. And it is that some of the ideas for this game include a multiplayer mode in which several players will be able to control the different companions, or missions that would change not by the decisions of the user, but of the entire community.

Who does “Dreadwolf”, the fearsome wolf, refer to?

As already anticipated in 2019, Dragon Age Dreadwolf will have the presence of some familiar faces from previous installments, giving him this time a special protagonism to Solas, v the dire wolfas detailed in the brief text shared in this official statement:

«Some say he could be an ancient elven god, but others say no. Others say a traitor to his people… or a savior who now seeks to rescue them at the cost of his world. His motives are inscrutable and his methods sometimes questionable, earning him a reputation as something of a trickster deity, a player of dark and dangerous games.«.

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